Transfer ChAD Students

You must be a declared major to sign up for an advisement appointment.

Advice for First-Semester Transfer Students

Read about the difference between Plan A and Plan B and decide which path you will follow to complete your BA. If you are unsure of which plan to choose, make a list of the questions you will need to ask your advisor.

Schedule your first advisement appointment with Terry O'Donnell-Johnson or Janene Perez:

a.  Go to the Gradesfirst website: 

b.  From your student homepage, select the blue “Get Advising” button on the right sidebar.

c.  Follow the prompts and select the reasons for your appointment.

d.  Choose a location for the appointment (LCOE faculty office:  LCOE is your college).

e. Choose a date and time that works for you.

f.  Verify the who, what, where, why, and add comments.  Then confirm your appointment.

g.  The appointment is now on your GradesFirst Calendar (left sidebar, calendar icon).

h.  Prepare for your advisement appointment.  Take the following documents to SH 201 on the Wednesday one week prior to your appointment date:

Plan A or Plan B advising form (fill out the top portion only)
Unofficial transcripts of all your college work (e.g., community college, SJSU).  Write the name of the college on the first page of each transcript.
Current SJSU schedule (if available)

Copies of these transcripts are not needed again after your first advising appointment. 

For appointments after your first advisement meeting, take the following document to SH 201 on the Wednesday one week prior to your appointment date:
Unofficial transcripts from other non-SJSU colleges (if your transcripts changed after your first appontment).