Undergraduate Advisors

Advisement for undergraduate students, including both ChAD majors and minors, is conducted by the department undergraduate advisor. Scheduling an appointment is self-serve.  Students should go to the department office (SH 201) to select an appointment.

Both incoming freshmen and transfer students should attend a new student orientation prior to the start of their first semester at SJSU. Additionally, all majors and minors should be sure to view the BA Advisement information located on this site for important information related to their required coursework.

General information about the various undergraduate programs and degrees offered by the department can be found on this site under Programs.

Download Plan A Advisement Form [pdf]

Download Plan B Advisement Form [pdf]

Download Plan B Advisement Form Effective Fall 2016 [pdf]

To learn more about the new Plan B options.

For a comprehensive list of advisement information about the ChAD undergraduate programs.