Is ChAD your major?

Are you ready to apply for graduation?

Here's what to do:

Ideally, you should make your advisement appointment to prepare for graduation two semesters before you expect to graduate. This is important because staff at the Office of the Registrar analyze your application to ensure that you have met or will meet all requirements (e.g., general education, University, major, and minor if you have one). After submitting all your graduation materials, the Registrar will send you information about what remains to be completed. You would want to know this before you enroll for your last semester at SJSU.

To obtain your department major form, a form you submit along with your application to graduate:

  • Complete an application for graduation form.
  • Print out a copy of all your grades at SJSU since your most recent meeting with a ChAD advisor.
  • Get a copy of all your grades in courses taken at other colleges and universities since your previous advisement. For department purposes, these do not have to be formal, sealed transcripts.
  • Sign up for a graduation advising appointment.