Research & Scholarship Advisory Committee

About the committee

The primary purpose of the CHaHS Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee (RSAC) is to serve as an advisory group providing input and feedback to both the director of the Center for Applied Research on Human Services (CARHS) and to the College Associate Dean (AD) for Research. CARHS is the faculty research support center for the College, providing services in the form of editing, statistical consulting, writing groups, workshops, and seminars.

The RSAC committee works with the CARHS director to determine the current scholarly interests and needs of CHaHS faculty, and select and support appropriate seminar and workshop topics to meet those needs. In addition, RSAC committee members act as information conduits between their department colleagues and the College AD for Research on matters related to research and scholarship, providing input when requested and sharing college and university-level information from the AD for Research with colleagues. Committee members also serve as reviewers for the various student research awards offered annually by the university. The committee meets monthly, chaired by the College AD for Research and the CARHS Director.