Education & Training

Education and Training

The purpose of the Education/Training core is to develop interdisciplinary training and education opportunities for students in allied health programs to work with seniors from diverse backgrounds. This objective supports the mission of San José State University which is to be responsive to the needs of the state of California by transmitting knowledge and skills necessary for students to serve older adults and their families.

Current Projects:

CHAMP Wellness & Resource Fair Partnership with Timpany Center & the Department of Adult & Aging Services of Santa Clara County: In Fall 2010 CHAMP faculty piloted a model for interdisciplinary learning by developing a wellness fair for Timpany Center members. This was expanded to the larger community in Fall 2011 by partnering with the Santa Clara County Department of Adult & Aging Services. About 170 graduate and undergraduate students from eight academic departments have participated in these events to provide wellness education, screenings, and physical activity demonstrations to seniors. We plan to further develop this model and incorporate it into the curricula to promote interdisciplinary education on healthy aging.

Interdisciplinary Training in Ethnogeriatrics (funded by the Bureau of Health Professions - subcontract through the Stanford Geriatric Education Center). Focus on training SJSU students in the allied health professions to develop cultural competency. Participating departments include: Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work.  In Fall 2009, an multidisciplinary group of CHAMP faculty (Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Nutrition, & Social Work) developed an online Cultural Competence training module which has been used each year by six departments to train over 200 students in ethnogeriatrics and cultural competence when working with older adults.

Project SHINE (Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders) at San José State University is an intergenerational and intercultural community learning program. SHINE links students with older immigrants and refugees seeking to learn English and navigate the complex path to U.S. citizenship. In community centers, and other selected sites in the immediate area, students tutor elders in English and computer literacy, helping them become more actively engaged in their communities, and teach the U.S. history and civics needed to pass the citizenship exam.