Toby Adelman


San Jose State University, School Of Nursing
Associate Professor


Dr. Toby Adelman is Gerontology Content Expert for the SJSU School of Nursing (2007-present). Her faculty teaching and research focus on health policy and gerontology, specifically supporting home and community-based services (HCBS) locally and nationally. Dr. Adelman participates with a number of community-based organizations in her faculty responsibilities, serving on the boards of directors for the San Francisco Family Foundation and the Chai House. In addition, she collaborates weekly with directors and staff at various sites that host the SJSU School of Nursing's Nurse Managed Centers research and clinical instruction including, for example, the JTS Northside Community Center and the San Jose Family Housing, Inc. Courses taught focus on the role of the public health RN in regards to community health, healthy aging, and health promotion across the lifespan.

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The San José State University (SJSU) School of Nursing (SON) Nurse Managed Centers Program addresses the primary health care needs of the greater San José area with a mission, “to provide quality community based health care services in an innovative educational environment”. The focus of the Nurse Managed Centers is health promotion and illness prevention for populations across the lifespan. Nurse Managed Centers provide services to well and frail elders, low-income families, and provide services to persons with chronic mental illness. A unique feature of the SJSU Nurse Managed Centers is the academic focus as they serve as the clinical setting for undergraduate nursing students in both community and mental health practicum experience. Services provided include blood pressure monitoring and screening, diabetic management (glucose monitoring and screening), health education classes, health promotion programs, medication education and monitoring, nutrition education, and home visits. In addition to utilizing the Nurse Managed Centers as community based learning experiences for undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty have been completing research related to patient outcomes with the use of the OMAHA Documentation System. Currently, paper nursing assessments and progress notes are manually recorded, filed, and retrieved for over 2500 patients treated each year at the various Nurse Managed Center sites. A centralized OMAHA software program system is being introduced as a pilot project at two Nurse Managed Centers. This innovative, centralized OMAHA CHAMP Nightingale Notes software system will assist in the evaluation of care provided by introducing electronic record keeping and eliminating paper files. Since Fall of 2008, Toby Adelman RN, PhD, Associate Professor, has been lead SJSU faculty for the pilot project introducing and encouraging student participation in the process of converting from paper files to the innovative new technology. Over time, the evaluation and analysis of the process will guide expansion of the new technology to be adopted by each of the SJSU Nurse Managed Center sites.

Courses Taught related to Aging:

Nursing N127B: Community Health Nursing Theory – required BSN senior-level core course

Nursing 137: Professional Role Development – required BSN senior-level core course

Nursing 147: Community Health Clinical - required BSN senior-level weekly community practicum