Caroline Fee

Caroline Fee

San Jose State University, Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging Department
AsSoociate Director, Division of Health Professions


Caroline H. Fee received her Master's degree in Foods and Nutrition at San Jose State University and her Bachelor's degree in Education from San Francisco State University and holds 2 Teaching Credentials from the State of California. She served as Director of Nutrition Education Consultants for 7 years and has 20 years of teaching experience at San Jose State University. Her areas of interest and expertise include: Developing curriculum and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Aging and Nutrition, Multidisciplinary Health Promotion in Later Years, Health Issues in a Multicultural Society, and Complementary and Alternative Health Practices. She has four publications related to nutrition education and the older adult, two publications related to ethno geriatric nutrition education including cultural remedies for treatment of diabetes in elders of diverse ethnicities, and one publication related to cultural competence and nutrition counseling. In addition to her faculty teaching position, Caroline serves as Associate Director for Health Professions and as an Ethnogeriatric Specialist for the Stanford Geriatric Education Center.

Phone: (408)924-43116
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Selected publications include:

Fee, C.H. & Tseng, R. (1982). “Mini" nutrition education for senior citizens. Journal of Nutrition Education, 14(3), 87.

Fee, C.H. (1985). Using industry-donated products for "mini" food fairs. Journal of Nutrition Education, 17(3), 100A.

Fee, C.H. (1992). Nutrition and aging. Journal of Nutrition Education, 24(3), 160B-160C.

Sucher, K.P., Kittler, P.G. & Fee, C.H. (1993). The greying rainbow: Ethnogeriatric nutrition counseling. Topics in Clinical Nutrition, 8(2), 40-44.

Fee, C.H. (1998). Increasing cultural competence for effective client counseling: An experiential course. Journal of Nutrition Education, 30(2), 115B.

Fee, C.H, (2001). Multidisciplinary health promotion in later years, {abstract}. Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, 27th Annual Meeting: Educational Leadership Conference, San Jose, CA.

Fee, C.H., Gallagher-Thompson, D., Hargrave, R., Hendrix, L., Hikoyeda, H., LeCount, J., McBride, M., Takagi, K., Waller, S., & Yeo, G. (2004). Mental health and diabetes in elders from diverse backgrounds: A curriculum for health professionals. Stanford, CA: Stanford Geriatric Education Center.


Advisory Board Member, Generations Wellness, 2004-Present

Planning Committee Member, Careers in Aging Week, San Jose State University. 2001- 2008.

Author, Revised Gerontology Certificate and Minor Curriculum, Gerontology Program, San Jose State University. (In progress).

Courses Taught related to Aging:

Aging and Nutrition (undergraduate, upper division)

Multidisciplinary Health Promotion in Later Years (graduate)