Brian Grossman


San Jose State University, Dept of Health Science
Interim Director, Gerontology Program.


I am the Interim Director of the Gerontology Program (housed in the Department of Health Science in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts) at San Jose State University. In this capacity, I meet with students completing the minor in Gerontology and students completing Health Science Option 3 (BS in Health Science with a Concentration on Gerontology). I supervise students completing their fieldwork through the Gerontology Program (GERO 133) and also administer the Certificate in Applied Social Gerontology for those students completing graduate level coursework in gerontology as part of a graduate degree (e.g., MSW, MS in Nutrition and Food Sciences).

At SJSU, I teach a number of courses including Human Lifespan (GERO/HS/HRTM 15), Healthcare Economics (HS 170), and Human Sexuality (ANTH/BIOL/HS 140). The lives and experiences of older people are central in each of these courses. Additionally, I teach Age and Social Relations (GRN 820) in the San Francisco State University graduate program in Gerontology (located in the School of Social Work). I am currently developing a course on aging and sexuality for this program.

My research interests include: qualitative methodologies, disability as a social category and an axis of inequality, social theories of aging, HIV in older people, social citizenship and the role of the state in distributive justice, and sexuality studies. I am currently engaged in a qualitative research project on the federal-level efforts to mandate Medicaid community-based attendant services and supports for older people and people with disabilities. I am also working on a new project looking at the experiences of social isolation in older people living with HIV/AIDS.

Since 2007, I have served as one of the co-conveners for the Rainbow Research Group of the Gerontological Society of America, working on increasing the visibility of research on aging in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and communities. On campus at SJSU, my service commitments have included organizing the Gerontology program to participate in the SJSU Day of Service and serving on the Planning Committee for SJSU's 2009 celebration of Careers in Aging Week.

On a personal note, I reside in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco with my boyfriend, Malcolm, and the many fish that live in our two aquaria.

Phone: (408)924-2971


Selected publications include:

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Courses Taught Related to Aging:

GERO 133 – Gerontology Fieldwork (undergraduate)

HS 15 – Human Lifespan (undergraduate)

GRN 820 - Aging & Social Relation (graduate level seminar at SFSU)