Sang Lee


San Jose State University, School Of Social Work
Assistant Professor
Interim Director, CHAMP


Dr. Lee's research interests include mental health literacy among immigrant older adults, mental health issues of older adults with dementia and their family caregivers, attitudes toward formal service utilization in dementia caregiving in immigrant families, cultural competence in social work practice and research with Asian American populations, and gerontological social work education.

Prior to joining SJSU in 2006, Dr. Lee worked as a research associate on several research projects including (1) Evaluation of the Practicum Partnership Program, National Initiative for Geriatric Social Work Education funded by the John A. Harford Foundation; (2) Evaluation of the Asian Pacific Islanders Dementia Care Network funded by the federal Administration on Aging and California Department of Aging; and (3) Evaluation of the Health Access for Pacific Asian Seniors funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and California Department of Aging.

Dr. Lee received her M.S.W. from the University of Michigan and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Phone: (408)924-5815
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Publications: (Aging Related)

Lee, S. E., Damron-Rodriguez, J., Lawrance, F. P., & Volland, P. J. (2009). Geriatric social work career tracking: Graduates of the Graduates of the Hartford Partnership Program for Aging Education (HPPAE). Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 52(4), 336-353.

Lee, S. E., Lee, H. Y., & Diwan, S. (In press). What do Korean American Immigrants know about Alzheimer's disease (AD)? The impact of acculturation and exposure to the disease on AD knowledge. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.


Ongoing Research Projects

Principal investigator- Exploring the interface of culture, social factors, health literacy and health promotion among older Chinese, Vietnamese, and Asian Indian immigrants with limited English proficiency. Funded by College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) Research Incentives Grant, San Jose State University for $25,000

Principal investigator - Assessment of attitudes toward community services use and expectations

about aging in Vietnamese older adults. Funded by California State University (CSU) Awards for

Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity, CSU Research Funds Committee, San Jose State

University for $7,473

Co-Principal Investigator - Assessment of health and well-being of residents in independent living

housing. Funded by the California Endowment to Jeanne D'Arc Manor (San Jose, CA) for $35,000

(Principal Investigator: Sadhna Diwan)

Principal Investigator - Development and pilot testing of an instrument to examine the knowledge and

perceptions of Alzheimer's disease among Vietnamese immigrant older adults. Funded by the Office

of Faculty Affaires, San Jose State University for approximately $6,000

Completed Research Project

Principal Investigator- Pathways to knowledge, perceptions and attitudes about Alzheimer's disease

and community services among Korean Immigrants. Funded by UCLA Quality of Graduate Education

Supplemental Allocation Program: Dissertation Support Grant for Original Data Collection for $5,000