Greg Payne

Greg Payne

San Jose State University, College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Associate Dean of Research


Greg specializes in human motor development with interests in physical activity, inactivity, and obesity for people of all ages. With over 150 publications and four books, he is a fellow of the prestigious Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education, the top leaders in the discipline based on leadership and scholarship. In 2002, he published two books: The Equation: A Proven Lifestyle and Fitness Plan, and the 7 th edition of Human Motor Development: A Lifespan Approach, a text used in hundreds of universities throughout the world. He has made hundreds of presentations throughout the world and was the first Distinguished Professor of the Shenyang Sport University in China. He received the Distinguished Service Award from the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the Southwest District AAHPERD Scholar Award, the AAHPERD Honor Award, and the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Research Writing Award. Greg is a former President of the 22,000 member National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE); former President of the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD); and former Chair of the National Motor Development Academy of AAHPERD.

Phone: (408)924-3208
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Payne, V.G., Geng, P., & Liang, G. (Eds.) (2008). An introduction to human motor development, Beijing, China: People's Education Press (Chinese Ministry of Education). This is the first textbook on human motor development in China, a joint project ofAmerican and Chinese Scholars.

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Isaacson, D., Payne, V.G., & Laska, M. (2002). The equation: A 5-step program for lifelong fitness. New York: St.Martin's Press. This book was St. Martin's non-fiction priority book of the season in 2002, featured on CNN, EntertainmentTonight, The View, HG TV, Extra, Joanie Greggains Show, etc.


In progress for 2009 – Yan, J., & Payne, V.G. (2009). A meta-analysis of the effects of aging and Max VO2 – data are being collected and analyzed.

Invited book chapter - Payne, V.G., Yan, J., and Block, M. (2009). Accepted for publication – Motor skill development in abled and disabled populations: A review. In F. Columbus (Ed.), Motor skills: Development, impairment, and therapy. Hauppage, New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Payne, V.G. (2008). What is human motor development? In V.G. Payne, P. Geng, and G. Liang (Eds.), An introduction to human motor development. This is a chapter in the first textbook on human motor development in China, a joint project of American andChinese Scholars and a publication of the People's Education Press of China.

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Courses Taught (Related to Aging):

ChaD/Kin 67 – Development of Human Potential - Undergraduate.

Kin 165 – Motor Development - Undergraduate.

KIN 265 – Advanced Motor Development - Graduate.