Tamar Semerjian


San Jose State University, Associate Professor
Dept of Kinesiology


Tamar Z. Semerjian, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology. She teaches courses in sport psychology, sport sociology, research methods, stress management, and cultural studies of sport. Her research has included work with older adults, individuals with spinal cord injury, and transgender athletes. She is primarily concerned with the exercise experiences of marginalized populations, with attention to issues of motivation and increase access and adherence to exercise. She is also committed to increasing the quality of exercise programming available for older adults in community settings. Her published work has appeared in Spinal Cord, The Sport Psychologist, Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, and Women's Sport and Physical Activity Journal.

E-mail: tsemerjian@kin.sjsu.edu
Phone: (408)924-3069
Personal URL: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/tamar.semerjian/


Semerjian, T. Z. & Stephens, D. E. (2007). Comparison styles, physical self-perceptions, and fitness among older women. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity,15, 219-235.

Semerjian, T. Z., Montague, S. M, Dominguez, J. F., Davidian, A. M., & de Leon, R. D. (2005). Enhancement of Quality of Life and Body Satisfaction Through the Use of Adapted Exercise Devices for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries. Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.11(2), 95-108.

Mobily, K. E., Mobily, P. R., Lane, B. K., & Semerjian, T. Z. (1998). Using progressive resistance training as an intervention with older adults. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 32, 42-53.

Semerjian, T. Z. (2009, March). Community-wide strategies for increasing physical activity programs. Paper presented at the Health Trust Wellness by Design Symposium, Santa Clara, CA.


On the Editorial Board for the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity

Provided consultation to community organizations serving older adults to increase the availability of evidence-based exercise programming. This work was funded by The Health Trust.

Received funding from The Health Trust to implement the ExerStart exercise program at the Sunnyvale Senior Center and apply an intervention based on the transtheoretical model to increase physical activity among sedentary senior center members. Currently training the peer and volunteer leaders who will be leading the exercises classes at the senior center.