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The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Aging Research Core at CHAMP is to facilitate research to understand factors that promote healthy aging, barriers to healthy aging, and promote health equity among diverse populations. The scope of the research is broad and includes all departments and disciplines on campus such as applied sciences and arts, humanities, social sciences, business, education, and engineering. Two foci of interdisciplinary research facilitated by the Center are applied research and translational research.

Applied researchis critical in developing information to address particular social problems, e.g.:

  • Assessing community needs.
  • Understanding barriers to using community services, developing and testing interventions that improve health and well-being.
  • Improving access to community services.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of programs.

Translational research is aimed at enhancing the adoption of best practices in the community and includes:

  • Effectiveness research that determines whether findings from efficacy studies are applicable in typical community settings
  • Dissemination and implementation research that tests strategies to implement effective interventions more widely.
  • Policy research examines the broader impact of an intervention or program, often in relation to the resources required to implement it.

Applied Research Projects:

  • The Asian Indian Healthy Aging Needs Survey: In Spring 2012, faculty (Social Work & Psychology) from CHAMP and the Indian Diaspora Project completed a key informant survey of leaders of seven cultural/religious organizations regarding healthy aging needs of seniors in the Asian Indian community.  Research assistance was provided by the Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies. Summary forthcoming.

  • Community Agency Needs Assessment Survey on Healthy Aging: In Spring 2011, we completed a telephone survey of fifteen senior services agencies in Santa Clara County and the City of Fremont to assess needs for specific health education and screening activities.

  • Examining Availability and Need for Caregiver Support Services: In Spring 2011, a survey and focus group interview of fifteen agencies providing caregiver services was completed by two Master’s of Social Work students for  the Aging Services Collaborative in Santa Clara County.

  • Health Promotion in a Multicultural Population(Fall 2009): Exploring the interface of culture, social factors, health literacy and health promotion among older Chinese, Vietnamese, and Asian Indian immigrants with limited English proficiency.Principal Investigator: Sang Lee (Social Work); Co-PIs: Sadhna Diwan (Social Work), Daryl Canham (Nursing). See Abstract (pdf)>>
  • Jeanne D’Arc Manor Health Promotion Intervention: In Spring 2009, with funding through the California Endowment, CHAMP faculty from Social Work, Nursing, and Kinesiology collaborated in the implementation of two health promotion interventions at this senior housing facility.

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