Our Work

Education & Training

The purpose of the Education/Training core is to develop interdisciplinary training and education opportunities for students in allied health programs to work with seniors from diverse backgrounds. This objective supports the mission of San José State University which is to be responsive to the needs of the state of California by transmitting knowledge and skills necessary for students to serve older adults and their families.

Community Partnerships

The purpose of the Community Partnerships core is to develop strategic partnerships with community organizations to strengthen the community's capacity to promote healthy aging among diverse groups of seniors.

Aging Research

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Aging Research Core at CHAMP is to facilitate research to understand factors that promote healthy aging, barriers to healthy aging, and promote health equity among diverse populations. The scope of the research is broad and includes all departments and disciplines on campus such as applied sciences and arts, humanities, social sciences, business, education, and engineering. Two foci of interdisciplinary research facilitated by the Center are applied research and translational research