Undergraduate Programs

The Chemistry Department administers major programs leading to B.S. and B.A degrees as well as a program leading to a minor in chemistry. Please click on the links below for more information about each program.

Please see Forms page for links to important program documents under the bold heading "UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS."


First Year Students:

General Advising at CoSAC                                                                                       Office: DH 212
Phone Number: (408) 924-5193
Email: advisingcenter@sjsu.edu

College of Science Advising Center (CoSAC)
Make an Appointment with CoSAC

B.S. Chemistry:

Advisor: Prof. Terrill
Office: DH 004B

Phone Number: (408) 924-4970
Email: roger.terrill@sjsu.edu

Required Courses for B.S. Chemistry
Four-year Plan for B.S. Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry Major Form

B.S. Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry:

Advisor for last names A-M: Prof. Eggers
Office: DH 604
Phone Number: (408) 924-4960
Email: daryl.eggers@sjsu.edu

Advisor for last names N-Z: Prof. Pollom                                                                 Office: DH 605
Phone Number: (408) 924-4955
Email: elizabeth.pollom@sjsu.edu

NOTE: The course requirements for this concentration have recently changed. The new requirements apply to all students matriculating in or after the fall 2013 semester. Students matriculated earlier, may use the previous requirements that were in place when they matriculated or the new requirements. Please consult with your advisor for guidance.

Required Courses for B.S. Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry
Four-year Plan for B.S. Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry
B.S. Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry Major Form

B.A. Chemistry:

Advisor: Denise Kramer
Office: DH 215A
Phone Number: (408) 924-5117
Email: denise.kramer@sjsu.edu

Required Courses for B.A. Chemistry
Four-year Plan for B.A. Chemistry
B.A. Chemistry Major Form

Minor in Chemistry:

Advisor: Dr. Jamie Alea, CoSAC
Office: DH 212A
Phone Number: (408) 924-6953
Email: jamie.alea@sjsu.edu

Minor in Chemistry
Chemistry Minor Form for Biological Sciences majors only
Chemistry Minor Form for NON-Biological Sciences major only

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