Student/Visitor Accident/Injury Reporting

Student and Visitor Accident Reporting
Budget & Risk Management Office

Location: Clark Hall 500

Extended Zip: 0004

Employee Accident/Injury: Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation
Workers' Compensation Benefit Information
Employee Injury Care
Workers' Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) & Notice of Potential Eligibility
Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness


How to register with the AEC
How to request Accommodations for returning AEC students
Guidelines for Disability Documentation
Learning Disability Documentation Guidelines
Learning Disability Services
Guidelines for Attention Deficit/Hyper Activity Disorder (AD/HD) Disability Documentation
EPT/ELM Information
Consent to Release Information Form
AEC Testing Information
Exam Change Request Form
Test Accommodation Hold Form
Medical Disability Verification Form
Ophthalmological Certification Form
Mental Health Verification Form


Time Entry into MySJSU



Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook

Current Graduate Student Forms

The Chemistry Department Office must have a record of these forms. All pertinent signatures, preferred with blue ink, must be included. Students should retain a copy of each document.

Change of Classification in Master's Program
Research Advisor & Committee Form
Preliminary Seminar
Scheduling Information
Guidelines & Evaluation Form
Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy
Final Seminar Report Form
Final Oral Exam Report Form
Thesis Requirements

Graduation Information

Application for Award of Master's Degree
Culminating Experience

For the Culminating Experience Form to be created, all of the items on the Checklist must be turned in to the Chemistry Department Office, room DH 518, with all the pertinent signatures.


M.S. or M.A. Program Checklist


Key Request

In order to be processed, the Chemistry & FD&O Key Request Form must be turned in to the Chemistry Department Office, room DH 518. The form must be typed, not handwritten. Chemistry supervisor and student signatures must be on the first page. Chemistry supervisor initials must be in the square at the top right corner of the second page.

Chemistry & FD&O Key Request Form

Key Return

Key Return Form


Chemical Laboratory Safety Rules

For Teaching Laboratories
For Research Laboratories


Service Center Clearance Form

Service Center Procedures & Policies

For Duncan Hall Building
For Science Building


Transfer Course Equivalency Form


Request For Approval of Travel for Students/Volunteers
Travel Expense Claim Form


Major & Minor Advising

Advisor Listing
All forms relating to the Chemistry Minor are processed at the College of Science Advising Center (COSAC) in room Duncan Hall 211.

Chemistry Minor Advisor: Jamie Alea


Phone: 408-924-6953

Change of Major/Minor

Application for Change of Major/Minor Form (pdf) (Students with fewer than 90 units)
Application for Change of Major/Minor Form (pdf) (Students with 90 or more units)

Major/Minor Degree Forms

B.A. Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry
Chemistry Minor Form for Biological Sciences Majors ONLY
Chemistry Minor Form for Non-Biological Sciences Majors ONLY


Volunteer Clearance Form