David Brook

David Brook

Organic Chemistry

SCI 166
(408) 924-4994
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B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry, University of Lancaster, 1989
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Colorado, 1993

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry
Physical Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

Synthesis and application of stable free radicals; particularly as sensors, components of magnetic materials and self assembled metal-organic clusters. Organic and organometallic materials.

Selected Publications

  • Ly, H. N.; Brook, D. J. R.; Oliverio, O. "Spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and nucleophilicity of nickel and cobalt complexes of 2-pyridine carboxaldehyde 2'-pyridyl hydrazone (papyH)." Inorg. Chim. Acta2011, 378 (1), 115-120.
  • Dutta, M.; Movassat, M.; Brook, D. J. R.; Oliver, A.; Ward, D. "Molecular motion in zinc hydrazone grid complexes." Supramol. Chem.2011, 23 (9), 632-643.
  • Richardson, C.; Haller, B.; Brook, D. J. R.; Hundley, M.; Yee, G. T. "Strong ferromagnetic exchange in a nickel bis(3,5-dipyridylverdazyl) complex." Chem. Commun.2010, 6590 - 6592.
  • Brook, D. J. R.; Yee, G. T.; Hundley, M.; Rogow, D.; Wong, J.; Van-Tu, K., "Geometric Control of Ground State Multiplicity in a Copper(I) Bis(verdazyl) Complex." Inorg. Chem.2010, 8573-8577.
  • Chemistruck, V.; Chambers, D.; Brook, D. J. R., "Structure-Property Relationships of Stable Free Radicals: Verdazyls with Electron-Rich Aryl Substituents." J. Org. Chem. 2009, 74, 1850-1857.
  • Norel, L.; Pointillart, F.; Train, C.; Chamoreau, L.-M.; Boubekeur, K.; Journaux, Y.; Brieger, A.; Brook, D. J. R., "Imidazole substituted oxoverdazyl radical as a mediator of intramolecular and intermolecular exchange interaction." Inorg. Chem.2008, 47, 2396-2403.