Marc d'Alarcao

Marc d'Alarcao

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Office: DH 607
Phone: (408) 924-4962

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Postdoctoral Fellow 1984-1986, Harvard University (with E.J. Corey)
Ph.D. 1983, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (with Nelson J. Leonard)
B.S. 1978, Bridgewater State College

Courses Taught

Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Study of inositol glycan-mediated signal transduction;
  • Synthetic carbohydrate chemistry;
  • Development of new drug delivery strategies;
  • Biochemical engineering of cell-surface carbohydrates;
  • Development of electrochemically-degradable polymers

Selected Publications

  • “Fluorogenic Sialic Acid Glycosides for Quantification of Sialidase Activity Upon Unnnatural Substrates”Cristina Y. Zamora, Marc d’Alarcao, and Krishna Kumar,Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.2013, 23, 3406-3410.
  • "Some Natural Flavonoids are Competitive Inhibitors of Caspase-1, -3, and -7 Despite their Cellular Toxicity" J. Brandon White, Jeremy Beckford, Sina Yadegarynia, Nhi Ngo, Tetiana Lialiutska, and Marc d'Alarcao Food Chemistry2012, 131, 1453-59. [pdf]
  • “Modulation of Cellular Adhesion by Glycoengineering” Laila Dafik, Marc d’Alarcao, and Krishna Kumar J. Med. Chem.2010, 53, 4277-4284. [pdf]
  • “The Biological Activity of Structurally Defined Inositol Glycans” Meenakshi Goel, Viatcheslav N. Azev, and Marc d’Alarcao Future Med. Chem.2009, 1, 95-118. [pdf]
  • “Fluorination of Mammalian Cell Surfaces via the Sialic Acid Biosynthetic Pathway” Laila Dafik, Marc d’Alarcao, and Krishna Kumar Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.2008, 18, 5945-5947. [pdf]
  • “Synthesis of Differentially Protected myo- and chiro-Inositols from D-Xylose; Stereoselectivity in Intramolecular SmI2-Promoted Pinacol Reactions” Giovanni Luchetti, Kejia Ding, Alexander Kornienko, and Marc d’Alarcao Synthesis2008, 3148-54. [pdf]