Daryl Eggers

Dr. Daryl Eggers


DH 604
(408) 924-4960

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B.S., Chemical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Inst. Technol., 1981
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Univ. California, Berkeley, 1987
Ph.D., Pharmacology, Univ. California, San Francisco, 1997
Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. California, Los Angeles, 1997-02

Courses Taught

Biochemistry Lab

Research Interests

Protein folding, especially the effects of molecular crowding and molecular confinement. Hydration effects on biological phenomena, including protein folding & aggregation Sol-gel glass applications and biosilica formation. Biochemistry, Biophysical Chemistry.

Selected Publications

  • Castellano, B.M., and D.K. Eggers: “Experimental support for a desolvation energy term in governing equations for binding equilibria”. J. Phys. Chem. B 117:8180-8188 (2013) [pdf]
  • Calabretta, P.J., Chancellor, M.C., Torres, C., Abel, Jr., G.R., Niehaus, C., Birtwhistle, N.J., Khouderchah, N.M., Zemede, G.H., and D.K. Eggers: Silica as a matrix for encapsulating proteins: Surface effects on protein structure assessed by circular dichroism spectroscopy. J. Funct. Biomater. 3:514-527 (2012). [pdf]
  • Payumo, A.Y., Huijon, R.M., Mansfield, D.D., Belk, L.M., Bui, A.K., Knight, A.E., and D.K. Eggers: Changes in apparent molar water volume and DKP solubility yield insights on the Hofmeister effect. J. Phys. Chem. B 115:14784-14788 (2011). [pdf]
  • Eggers, D.K.: A bulk water-dependent desolvation energy model for analyzing the effects of secondary solutes on biological equilibria. Biochemistry 50:2004-2012 (2011).
  • Menaa, B., Torres, C., Herrero, M., Rives, V., Gilbert, A.R.W., and D.K. Eggers: Protein adsorption onto organically-modified silica glass leads to a different structure than sol-gel encapsulation. Biophysical J. 95:L51-L53 (2008). [pdf]
  • Menaa, B., Herrero, M., Rives, V., Lavrenko, M., and D.K. Eggers: Favourable influence of hydrophobic surfaces on protein structure in porous organically-modified silica glasses. Biomaterials 29:2710-2718 (2008). [pdf]