Brooke Lustig

Brooke Lustig

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor in Biomedical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering
Computational Biochemistry

DH 417
(408) 924-4968


B.A., Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1976
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1987

Courses Taught

Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics
Applied Bioinformatics
Chemical Communication

Research Interests

Development of theoretical/computational methods to characterize sequence-related entropy effects for proteins and RNA. Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites from sequence and homology. Better design potential anti-HIV agents and other exploration of nucleic acid binding and related physical behavior.

Selected Publications

  • Nepal, R., Spencer, J., Bhogal, G., Nedunuri, A., Poelman, T., Kamath, T., Chung, E., Kantardjieff, K., Gottlieb, A, and Lustig, B. "Logistic regression models to predict solvent accessible residues using sequence and homology-based qualitative and quantitative descriptors applied to a domain-complete X-ray structure learning set" (2015) JApplCrystallog. 48, 1976-1984.

  • Rose, D., Nepal, R., Gholizadeh, S., Mishra, R., Lau, R., and Lustig, B. "Novel application of query-based qualitative predictors for characterization of solvent accessible residues in conjunction with protein sequence homology" (2011)  Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 70-74.
  • Liao, H., Yeh, W., Chiang, D., Jernigan, R. L. and Lustig, B. “Protein sequence entropy is closely related to packing density and hydrophobicity” (2005) Prot. Engr. 18, 59-64.
  • Wander, D. S., Yang, F., McNeil, M and Lustig, B. “Scoring DNA sequence alignment using energetics of hybridization” (2003) Proceedings of Annual Meeting of American Institute of Chemical Engineers T2/555b(1-8).  
  • Hsieh, M., Collins, E. D., Blomquist, T. and Lustig, B. "Flexibility of BIV TAR-Tat: Models of peptides binding" (2002) J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 20, 243-251.
  • Lustig, B. and Jeang K.-T. "Biological applications of hammerhead ribozymes as anti-viral molecules" (2001) Current Medicinal Chemistry 8, 1181-1187.
  • Lustig, B., Bahar, I. and Jernigan, R. L. "RNA bulge entropies correlate with peptide binding strengths for HIV-1 and BIV TAR RNA because of improved conformational access" (1998) Nucleic Acids Res. 26, 5212-5217.