Roy Okuda

Roy Okuda

Organic Chemistry

DH 009A
(408) 924-2525

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B.A., Chemistry & Biology, University of California, San Diego, 1979
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Hawaii, 1983
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry, Columbia University, 1984-85

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab

Research Interests

  • Applications of enzymes (bromopeoxidase) as chemical reagents
  • Isolation and structure analysis of biologically active natural products from marine organisms

Selected Publications

  • " Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Halogenated Monoterpenes from the Red Alga Plocamium cartilagineum" Donghui Gao, Roy K. Okuda, and Viorica Lopez-Avila. Journal of AOAC International,2001, 84, 1313-1331.
  • "Marine Bromoperoxidases - Chemoenzymatic Applications." C.A. Moore and R.K. Okuda, chapter in monograph "Current Trends In Bioorganic Chemistry," Ray C. Cooper and John K. Snyder, eds., Marcel-Dekker, New York, 1999.
  • "Bromoperoxidase Activity from a 94 Species of Marine Algae," C.M. Moore and R.K. Okuda, Journal of Natural Toxins,1996, 5, 295-305.
  • "Double Unknown" Preparation and COSY Analysis of an Unknown Ester. An Introductory 2D-NMR Experiment." S.E. Branz, R.G. Miele, R.K. Okuda, and D.A. Straus. Journal of ChemicalEducation1995, 72, 659-661.