Daniel A. Straus

Dr. Daniel Straus

Organic and Organometallic Chemistry

SCI 141
(408) 924-4998

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B.S. Chemistry, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1977
Ph.D. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1983

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry
Oranic Chemistry Lab

Research Interests

  • Organometallic and organic synthesis of interest in catalysis or microelectronics applications.

Selected Publications

  • K. T. Hua, J. Xu, E. Q. Quiroz, S. Lopez, A. J. Ingram, V. A. Johnson, A. R. Tisch, A. de Bettencourt-Dias, D. A. Straus, G. Muller "Structural and photophysical properties of visible- and near-infrared-emitting tris lanthanide(III) complexes formed with the enantiomers of N,N'-Bis(1-phenylethyl)-2,6-pyridinedicarboxamide" Inorg. Chem., 2012, 51, 647-660.
  • Li, C., Fan, W., Straus, D.A., Lei, B., Asano, S., Zhang, D., Han, J., Meyyappan, M. and Zhou, C. "Charge Storage Behavior of Nanowire Transistors Functionalized with Bis(terpyridine)-Fe(II) Molecules: Dependance on Molecular Structure," Journal of the American Chemical Society2004, 126, 7750.
  • Straus, Daniel A.; Kamigaito, Masami; Cole, Adam P.; Waymouth, Robert M. "Synthesis and characterization of [TiF 2(NMe 2) 2] 4 and its use for olefin polymerization". Inorganica Chimica Acta2003, 349, 65.
  • Grumbine, S.K., Mitchell, G.P., Straus, D.A. and Tilley, T.D. "Synthesis and Study of Ruthenium Silylene Complexes of the Type [(h5-C 5Me 5)(Me 3P) 2Ru=SiX 2] + (X = Thiolate, Me and Ph)" Organometallics, 1998, 17, 5607.
  • McKnight, A.L., Masood, M.A., Waymouth, R.M. and Straus, D.A. "Selectivity in Propylene Polymerization with Group 4 Cp-Amido Catalysts" Organometallics1997, 16, 2875.
  • Straus, D.A. and Grubbs, R.H., "Bis(h5-cyclopentadien-1-yl)(2,2-dimethyl-1-propanediyl)titanium, (h5-C 5H 5) 2TiCH 2C(CH 3) 2CH 2[3,3-dimethyldicyclopentadienyltitanacyclobutane]" in Synthetic Methods of Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 8, W.A. Herrmann, Ed.; Thieme-Verlag: Stuttgart 1997.