Inorganic Chemistry

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David Brook

David Brook

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

SCI 166
(408) 924-4994
Brook Group Page

Synthesis and coordination chemistry of stable free radicals, magnetochemistry, self assembly and supramolecular chemistry, molecular devices.

Dr. Lionel Cheruzel

Lionel Cheruzel

Associate Professor
Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry

DH 281
(408) 924-5283
Cheruzel Group Page

Development of hybrid enzymes as bioctalysts for hydroxylation of organic substrates using light and water. Molecular imprinted polymers.

Dr. Gilles Muller

Gilles Muller

Associate Dean of Research, Office of Research
Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 

IRC 212 
(408) 924-2632
Muller Group Page

Lanthanides, complexes, circularly polarized luminescence, chirality, thermodynamics, and spectroscopy.

Herbert Silber

Herbert Silber

Inorganic Chemistry and Nuclear Science

DH 517
(408) 924-4954
Research Group Page

Actinides, lanthanides, kinetics, thermodynamics, and chemical education.

Dr. Daniel Straus

Daniel A. Straus

Organic and Organometallic Chemistry

SCI 141
(408) 924-4998
Straus Group Page

Synthesis and reactivity of organotransition metal complexes.