Physical Chemistry

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Daryl Eggers

Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry

DH 604
(408) 924-4960
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Crowding and hydration effects on macromolecular structure.


Brooke Lustig

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor in Biomedical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering
Computational Biochemistry

DH 417
(408) 924-4968

Computational/theoretical methods to characterize entropy and related effects in proteins and RNA; drug design that includes potential anti-HIV agents.


Bradley Stone

Chemical Physics

DH 412A
(408) 924-4938
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Chemical physics, molecular spectroscopy, laser-induced fluorescence, and molecular astrophysics. Detection of complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium. Computational studies of fluid flow in microfluidic channels. Experimental simulations of aerosol formation in planetary atmospheres.


Annalise Van Wyngarden

Associate Professor
Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry

DH 002
(408) 924-5282
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Physical chemistry and analytical chemistry are used to determine the climate effects of atmospheric particles - specifically optical properties and cloud forming properties.