Rascon group membersABRCMS attendeesStudents and Prof. Terrill with MS instrumentsMolecular interactionsSymposium on molecular chirality participantsProfessor Pesek and Dr. Matyska-Pesek with collaborators at the the Federal University in Pelotas



Welcome to the SJSU Chemistry Department

Our department strives to provide broad access to the highest quality education in chemistry at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Please read more about the Chemistry Department and our Academic Programs.


Department of Chemistry Safety Training

Work in chemical research labs is prohibited until an active Safety Training Certification is obtained. The Safety Training is a University requirement and must be completed with a passing score of 80% (or 80 points). The certification is only valid for one year and if you are continuing research past one year, you will need to complete a refresher quiz.

Students must also be enrolled in CHEM 180 or CHEM 298 during the fall and spring semesters in order to work in the lab. Students registering after Advance Registration Period will incur late registration fees.

Safety Training Request Form: Click Here