Lab Summer 2015

Lab Group Photo Summer 2015

Thanh at Graduation


Thanh's Graduation

Quan and Alejandro

Alejandro's Graduation 

(Quan and Alejandro)

Group Photo

Lab Group Photo Summer 2014

BBQ pinata

Happy Birthday BBQ!

Dr C pinata

Alejandro holding the piñata for Dr C's birthday 

Suds giving a talk

Sudharsan giving a lecture on the lab's research


Lab picture with the Spartan

Group Picture Summer 2012

Group Picture Summer 2012

Group Picture May 2012

Group Picture May 2012

potluck winter 2012

Cheruzel Lab Potluck winter 2012

PotLuckLab August 2011

Lab Potluck May 2011

Dinner at Vietnamese restaurant

At Quan Hy in Anaheim, CA March 2010

(From left to right: Han, Ruby, Lionel, Daisy)

Group picture

From left to right: Daisy, Thuba and Han

ACS Poster in Anaheim

Poster presentation at the ACS National meeting in Anaheim, CA 2011

(From left to right: Han, Daisy, Thuba)

matt and mallory

Big (Matthew) and Little (Mallory) of the Cheruzel Research Lab

Karaoke night

Karakoe Night August 2010

(From left to right: Ai, Daisy, Lionel, Phuong, Han, Ruby, Celine, Mary, Manny, Matt)

Group dinner

Group dinner May 2010

Group picture in Sacramento

Sacramento May 2010

(From left to right: Ruby, Mary, Manny, Phuong, Matt, Daisy, Ai)