Faculty FAQs



How do I set one up?

Ideally think about linking with a university/colleagues in another country. This will help with resources and contacts on the ground.  Develop the course with course objectives, daily plans, and assignments. Interested in leading a FLP? Find out about the Program Proposal Process, Guidelines, and Service Provider and Partner Locations.

How does the class get created?

The FLP class must already be in the SJSU course catalog or be created by your department and approved by the undergraduate/graduate studies office. All of the revenues and expenses you and the class incur should also be posted to your department. Since FLPs are run out of Special sessions, they may not incur either a profit or deficit. These are self-supporting programs. Five percent of the revenue is returned to your department in the event of a surplus.

What helps make FLPs more likely to run?

Plan ahead of time. Have clear objectives and itinerary to meet objectives. Have in-country contacts and resources. Market relentlessly to students and other colleagues who may help you identify students who are interested in attending your FLP. Make the class affordable.

How many students are needed to enable an FLP to run?

Generally about 10-12 students per faculty member is suggested.

How many hours of instruction time is needed for a 3 unit course?

37.5 hours (this may include on-campus classes before and after the trip)

What should I cover before we leave campus?

Cultural norms and expectations, safety, visas, immunizations, link with site. Also give students a good idea of the itinerary, class expectations, and how much free time they will have.

How is the money handled? Do I pay out of pocket and get reimbursed?

You can get a cash advance from SJSU to pay the hotel/accommodations or you can save receipts and get reimbursed for accommodations/meals/transportation as indicated.

How is transportation (both to and in-country) handled?

Generally students provide their own transportation to/from the country of the FLP. This makes it easier since students may be coming from multiple locations and may be arriving early or staying later. In-country transportation to course-related activities should be planned for by the FLP instructors.

What resources are available for in-country help and how does that affect course cost?

Using a service provider can help faculty members secure transportation, lodging, and organize in-country activities.  The companies are used to working with faculty to provide the type of help that is needed and requested. Faculty may use service providers for one or multiple services and for all or part of a trip, but keep in mind they will add to the cost of a trip. There is a list of pre-approved service providers on the FLP site for faculty (FLP-Proposal Process-FLP Provider List). If you would like to use a service provider who isn’t yet approved, the provider will need to go through the CSU vetting process which may take up to a year.

Do I need to approve the applications? Where/how is that done?

Faculty approves the FLP applications. Tell your students to send their FLP application to you and the FLP office when they apply. Once faculty have accepted a student to participate, we forward those names to the Faculty-Led Program office so they may send an acceptance letter to the student. The letter informs the student about how to register and pay for the class as well as any next steps.

If there is more than one faculty on the FLP, does each faculty person provide a separate budget?

No- one budget only.

Are the course targets for numbers of students needed to attend figured collectively for the FLP or is it by faculty member for FLPs with more than one faculty?


Is there a mandatory CIES orientation and when does that happen?

Yes-CIES will attend your orientation meeting for 15-20 minutes to provide a mandatory presentation covering safety (and culture as needed) to the program's students. 

How do students register?

The FLP needs to be approved by CIES - this is determined by number of students going and the budget submitted. Once the program has hit the minimum number of students required to run the program, the FLP office emails the students with details about course payment and registration.

How is the funding done?

For reimbursed expenses faculty keep receipts and submit a travel form using whatever requisition number is provided- this will usually be under whatever course number the FLP is occurring under. The department financial analyst will be able to help with this part. Also staff in the FLP office may also be helpful for these questions.

If my expenses aren’t covered do I need to fill out a Travel Authorization Form?

Yes- this enables insurance coverage for you as faculty while being overseas and working for the university. This should be filled out 45 days before departure.

May I volunteer my time?

The instructor of record may not volunteer their time as faculty for the FLP unless they are exempt from the Union due to management roles/duties such as being the Chair of a department.


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