Open University FAQs



How do I apply? 

Fill out the FLP application AND the Open University Form.

You would need to fill out the FLP application form which can be found here:

Also, the Open University application form can be found here:

Do I have to do the work or can I audit the course?

Auditing courses is not available at this time.

Can I get CEUs/PDUs for the course?

Yes- a three credit university course is the equivalent of 30 CEUs/PDUs.

Do I pay the same cost as SJSU students?


Can I arrange my own housing?

Please check with the faculty instructor if you are interested in this possibility.

What if I don’t have my passport yet?

Write in: "obtaining" in the space where it asks if you have a passport, and "applied - number not yet received" in the space where you are asked for your passport number (or type in something to that effect).

Do I have to take the WST?

The WST is the Writing Skills Test, which is a requirement for SJSU and other California State University students. It does not apply to non-SJSU students. 

Do we see patients/work in community health, or is it more of an academic format?

FLP courses differ in the amount of hands-on work or service learning opportunities. Some of the FLPs are service learning projects. The individual FLP instructors may best answer this question.