Student FAQs



How do I register?

Submit the Faculty-Led Program (FLP) application and the deposit. Once the course has final approval, the FLP Office emails the students that the course is then available for registration and payment of the rest of the course fees.

Student Application and Resources

Application Process

How can I register for the class that falls outside of my program of study?

In some cases you will need a special permission number from the Faculty member if the course falls outside your area of study. Most FLP’s are offered to all SJSU students and many fulfill GE requirements. Be sure to check with your academic advisor about where the FLP program you are interested in fits and check to see if there are any academic requirements /pre-requisites such as the WST before applying.

Can I arrange my own housing?

Normally housing arrangements are made for the group and the program has received a group discount. If you have special requirements, please check with the Faculty member who is leading the program.

Can I get financial aid?

For graduate students enrollment in at least 4 units of coursework over the summer will make one eligible for financial aid. For undergraduates, student enrollment in at least 6 units of coursework over the summer will make one eligible for financial aid. The Financial Aid that is being disbursed is part of your financial aid package for the year so if you know you would like to participate in an FLP, be sure to save some of your financial aid for the summer.  Also be sure to check with your college to see if there are any scholarships available for students studying on FLPs.

What is the budget breakdown?

Program costs vary depending on the course destination and what is included. The FLP website lists the price for all FLP programs. There is a $200 administration fee for all programs and the per unit tuition is $250.

What is the itinerary?

This differs by course- the Summer FLP trip descriptions should provide an overview. A more detailed itinerary should be available from course instructors.

When is final payment due?

Payment due dates are listed on the Faculty-Led Program website