The Chicano/Latino Faculty & Staff Announces the XXXIV Annual Dr. Ernesto Galarza Scholarship for 2019 

Sponsored by the Chicano/Latino Faculty and Staff Association (CLFSA) of San José State University, the annual scholarship was established to honor Dr. Galarza's commitment to the Chicano/Latino community.  CLFSA provides scholarship awards, in collaboration with community organization and agencies, to assist students in their pursuit of higher education at San José State University.  Scholarships honor Dr. Galarza by addressing a barrier students face in their pursuit of higher education.  

The Dr. Ernesto Galarza Institute, a community-based organization, collaborates with CLFSA to provide scholarships to incoming transfer students from regional community colleges. 

CLFSA is currently working with the Consulate of México in San José/Instituto De Los Mexicanos En El Exterior in the hopes of  continuing its colloboration of awarding scholarships to Mexican CA residents who are AB540 or other student designations.   

Graduates, continuing SJSU undergraduates, as well as Fall 2019 incoming transfers from Regional Community Colleges are invited to apply.  Awards will be presented at the Dr. Ernesto Galarza Symposium and Welcome Reception, a celebration held at the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year.  The event is held at the Cultural Heritage Center at MLK Library at SJSU. Scholarship recipients will be formally recognized and all members of the campus and the larger community are invited to attend.    

2019 Application Materials: 

Dr. Ernesto Galarza Scholarship Application (pdf)
Dr. Ernesto Galarza Essay Content Guidelines (pdf)
Dr. Ernesto Galarza Application Form (pdf)
Dr. Ernesto Galarza Scholarship Flyer for distribution (pdf)
Information on Scholarship Workshops (pdf)

Students: Reserve your spot in workshop!