MLA offers a variety of services to Professors using sophisticated technology to create, publish and support materials for their in class as well as online teaching.

Web Design:

The creative art of web design and development is shown to individuals and groups based on their preferences using latest WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web design software. Some of the packages used are Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia's Contribute.

PowerPoint Presentation software as well as the migration from PowerPoint presentations to web pages is also shown on an individual as well as a group basis.

Professors are shown effective uses of smart podia through one on one meeting, also providing them with PowerPoint slides for future references.

Courseware Support:

Courseware support is also provided to both individuals and groups via the use of WebCT courseware software. Audio, PowerPoint slides, and video incorporation in WebCT are also discussed. Other concepts to be illustrated are:

Adding entries in discussion and calendar
Adding/Deleting students
Resetting passwords
Uploading grade sheet to your WebCT page
Managing online assignments using "assignment drop box" tool.
Creating and uploading quizzes, surveys and other evaluation tools.

Quizzes can be uploaded if any instructors are interested in using WebCT self-quizzes, multiple choice, and short answer evaluation tools.

Audiotape can be converted into CD with sufficient notice in advance.
We are trying to do voice over and synchronize it with any video. Please email me for such request.

Digital Video:

Digital video can also be effectively used to digitally enhance your lecture. For example, We could video shoot your lecture and transfer the media into a VHS tape, CD or even DVD format

The same can be compressed into stream able files and can be uploaded in our COB server. However students get to see the video files after downloading those files at their site. The smaller the files, the faster the downloading time would be.

Currently, the facility records on a one to one basis and short lectures only. I would like to break the lecture into different sub headings to help the learner to keep pace with his learning. If students are comfortable with the particular heading, they can switch forward or backward, which allows them to have extended control over their learning.