Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Tanvi Kothari

Prior to joining San Jose State University in Fall 2012, Dr. Tanvi Kothari was an Assistant Professor at the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Fox School of Business, Temple University. She has earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration from The Fox School of Business, Temple University. Dr. Kothari also holds a Masters from School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mumbai University, India. She has also held management and research positions with international companies and research organizations like Thomas Cook India Ltd, Philadelphia Marriott, Melrose Hotel Co. and the National Laboratory of Tourism & eCommerce.

Dr. Kothari has been teaching International Business and Strategic Management to both graduate and Undergraduate students. In her role as a faculty member she has led and participated in many initiatives to globalize the campus. For instance, she has been selected as the 2013-14 Salzburg Fellow, has led study abroad programs and participated in international conferences and workshops. She travels the world extensively and often brings the life changing experiences to her classroom.

Dr. Kothari is passionate about her research and has developed a critical mass of knowledge and expertise required to address a variety of research questions with respect to large emerging markets – especially India and China. Specifically, her research focuses on understanding the innovation and internationalization strategies of Emerging Market Firms (EMFs) from both, manufacturing and service industries. Currently, she is also involved in a study to evaluate the growth trajectory of social innovations and understand the impact of ventures founded by social entrepreneurs in both developed and emerging markets.  She uses a variety of unique research methods and analytical tools, including qualitative data collection techniques (e.g., case studies, focus groups, think tanks, nominal group techniques and content analysis) and quantitative methods (e.g., structured survey method both on the web and on print); and integrating qualitative and quantitative methods to triangulate study results. Dr. Kothari’s research has culminated in numerous refereed journal articles, conference presentations, and industry reports and she has also received scholarly awards in recognition of her work.


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