Working Papers Series

The College of Business is renowned not only for the quality of its research, but perhaps as importantly for its breadth and eclectic nature. Also, because so many of the faculty have first-hand business experience, something many of the most prestigious universities in the world cannot match, its is often more grounded in the practical concerns of managers, not to mention more richly informed from the mangers' perspective, than scholarly work produced by the research universities. The college has recently decided to make this work more easily available to anyone who is interested, academic or practicing manager, though the Internet. We have begun to publish our research in the form or working papers; many of these will likely appear in a wide array of academic or practitioner journals, but here you can find them all in one place.

Working Papers

Description of the Document Author
Transforming China in the 21st Century Through Entrepreneurship (pdf) Michael E. Solt
Diagnosing Unforeseeable Uncertainty in a New Venture (pdf) Christoph H. Loch
Michael E. Solt
Elaine M. Bailey
The Emergence of Continual Strategic Innovation Robert Chapman Wood
Kenneth J. Hatten
Peter J. Williamson
The Importance of Valid Selection and Performance Appraisal: Do Management Practices Figure in the Case Law? (pdf) Stan Malos
More Than Network Structure: How Knowledge Heterogeneity Influences Managerial Performance and Innovativeness (pdf) Simon Rodan
Charles Galunic
Exploration and Exploitation Revisited: Extending March's Model of Mutual Learning (pdf) Simon Rodan

COB Work in Progress

(Internal use only, password required)

Description of the Document Author
Value of Perfect and Sample Information From the Risk-Averse Point of View: Risk Tolerance Parametrics Using Exponential Utility (pdf) Ron Davis
Women Entrepreneurs: How Important Are Their Perceptions? (pdf) Rolanda Pollard
Can Students Learn Grassroots Leadership and Decision-making Skills in the Classroom (pdf) Rolanda Pollard
A Fast Spreadsheet Implementation of the Critical Path Method (pdf) Ron Davis
Stochastic Project Duration Analysis Using PERT-beta Distributions (pdf) Ron Davis