Leadership Survival Series

As part of the SJSU Salzburg Program, Leadership Survival Series is championed by Salzburg Fellow, Dean Steele, and organized by Salzburg Scholars SoonKhen OwYong and Danielle Ynostroza. The series are designed to introduce the concept of leadership early to new incoming students at the College of Business.

The first workshop of the series will touch upon the ideals of personal leadership and efficiency such as personal and professional goals setting. The workshop will be conducted by SJSU's recent Outstanding Lecturer Jeff Gaines, who has had years of experience transitioning freshmen into the college environment.

The second workshop will cover the essence of collaboration and teamwork. The workshop features a sneak peak into the Foresight and Innovation method by Professor Steve Kwan. Digital collaboration tools will also be covered to help students in this new age of digital technology.

The third workshop will feature a panel of recent alumni in the corporate world. The topics they will be discussing are on team leadership in this global era. The workshop will also provide the next steps to the students towards becoming a global leader through various university programs and student organizations.