Michael & Sherry Andrade Family Merit Scholarship (2012 Fall Merit Scholarship)

  • This scholarship is awarded to Junior or Senior students majoring in Business Administration with Concentration in Entrepreneurship or Marketing.

  • An applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

  • Students must have the desire to become a career entrepreneur (i.e. to organize, operate and assume the risk of a business venture) or a marketing professional.

  • Students must have well-rounded backgrounds in various activities such as community service, work experience, extracurricular activities, sports and organizations.

  • This scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates financial needs.

  • The awardee must agree to be interviewed if requested.

Required Documents:

1) Fill out and submit the application form found here: http://sjsu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_2sPmshJlb7CQRkE

2) 3 letters of recommendation preferably at least one from a member in the business community.

3) Essay “The Book of You” (see instructions below)

4) Academic Transcripts (Unofficial is OK)

5) Demonstration of financial need (Proof that you have submitted FAFSA application  --  If you are seeking financial aid, you have probably already done a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and had it sent to SJSU.  In that case you do not need to file it again. If you have not sent one to San Jose State University, go to the following website for SJSU Financial Aid http://www.sjsu.edu/faso/Applying/Applying_2012/ and follow the directions for filing the FAFSA application and having it sent to SJSU. 

Essay requirements: To better assess the qualifications of the applicants for this scholarship, the scholarship board desires to get to know the applicants and their motivations for wanting to earn a business degree from San Jose State University. To that end, we ask each applicant to write a series of small chapters based on the following instructions thus creating a brief book of your life which is no more than six pages in length.


Chapter One- Your Beginnings: Describe your early childhood, where you were born and raised, your upbringing, including: your family unit: your early recollections of your family life; your greatest positive and negative memories; your typical day; and anything else you think may be relevant to your early development. Most important, is there anything in your preschool years which you believe may have brought you to desire a career?

Chapter Two- Early Education: Describe your elementary school career. Include your favorite classes and teachers (Including why they were your favorites). What type of school did you attend (private, public, parochial, etc)? How did you spend your leisure and recreational time? Did you participate in any extracurricular activities? What role did your parents play in your education (if any)? And again, Is there anything in your elementary years which you believe may have brought you to desire a career?

Chapter Three- High School: Describe your high school career. Identify your favorite classes and teachers and identify why. Identify any extracurricular activities including sports, clubs, student government, volunteer activities. What singular event in high school most likely caused you to be sitting here right now completing this application? What events outside of school influence your desire to enter a course of study in business?

Chapter Four- Building your career: What have you done up to this point to plan for and develop your career? If you care currently working, please describe your job and the most important lessons from it and other jobs that you have had. What were the results? Discuss your energy level, communication skills and ability to dedicate all your efforts toward achieving your objectives. What difficulties have you experienced to live within your budget? Have you made compromises that have affected your credit to live within your means?

Chapter Five- The Culmination: So now we know quite a bit more about you. Great. Now tell us how all this came together to create who you are today, why you want to embark on a course of study in business at San Jose State University and why you think we should select you as a final candidate. Include the following in your response: We would like the recipient to have a strong likelihood of actually practicing business in the greater San Jose area. What are your ties, if any, to San Jose and what would likely cause you to remain an active participant in its community? If you achieve the success we hope you envision for yourself, how will you give back the community at large? Where do you see yourself 15 years from now (What general type of work, family, friends, etc)? Name the ten most influential people, events and things which helped shape who you are today and why? Who or what has been the biggest influence in your life? What has been your toughest obstacle to overcome? Describe your core beliefs and how you intend to apply them in your career.

Chapter Six- The Selection: Finally, describe why you believe you would be the best selection for this scholarship. In other words, give us your guarantee that this scholarship money will serve you, the university and the community at large for many years to come! Good luck and remember: even if you are not selected, the effort you have put forth in this process demonstrates the character of someone who will find a way to be successful. Congratulations!

Optional attachments: You may provide additional applicable information such as your employment history, awards and recognition for achievements, and any other information you believe to be relevant.

Email ALL required documents 2), 3), 4) and 5) electronically to: ryoko.goldston@sjsu.edu or in person in BT 950 by noon on July 2, 2012.  No late applications will be accepted.