Lab Policies

CoB Computer Lab Policies and Procedures:

Because the subject matter of MIS and AIS are so thoroughly involved in the use of computers, these concentration areas will normally have first priority on teaching use of the BBC computer labs.

Before the start of each semester, the MIS and AIS schedulers will work with their faculty to schedule the labs required. Faculty from other areas should make their computer lab semester-long teaching requests through their departments' schedulers at least 3 weeks before the beginning of a semester to coordinate with the MIS and AIS schedulers. The MIS and AIS schedulers will attempt to make reasonable accommodations to resolve conflicts. The teaching lab schedules will be passed along to the Business Computing Services (BCS) staff one week before the start of the semester and published online.

Ad-hoc requests for teaching lab use should be submitted at least one week before the required date to the BCS staff for scheduling. Semester-long use of the labs for teaching purposes will have priority over ad-hoc requests, which will be accommodated on a first-come-first-serve space available basis. Faculty scheduled to use the teaching labs are expected to make reasonable accommodations to resolve conflicts.

COB Lab Rules:

The basic lab policies are as follows:

  • Labs are only available to current COB students
  • Do not unplug any cables.
  • No food, drinks, or smoking allowed.
  • No cellular phone chatting.
  • No excessive noise. Be courteous to others.
  • No group meeting, computer gaming, and pornography viewing.
  • Do not Install any programs or software on lab computers.
  • Do not save your work on lab computers.
  • No interruptions on printers.
  • Non-Staff members are not allowed behind the service counter.

These policies are to be enforced without exception. Any student found violating these policies should be warned, and asked to leave if they persist. If the student gets upset, or a problem develops, ask the Lab Manager to deal with them or call the University Policy Department.

For any improper use or abuse use of the Lab computers and COB network, the student's logon account will be banned. Further legal action may be pursuit. Request of the re-enable of the logon account must be initiated by a COB Department Chair, or higher level.


Individuals using computers in the labs are subject to having all activities on this system monitored by system or security personnel. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring.


Printing policy in College of Business Labs.

Users are not allowed to put their own paper in any lab printers. If a student wants to print on special paper or other media, tell them to go to a commercial copy houses.

Internet Access:

Internet access in the BBC Building is only for COB faculties, staff, and currently enrolled COB students. An antivirus software and have the most updated antivirus definitions on your computer are required.


In order to access the wireless network, you must have a wi-fi ready devices, and your SJSUOne account activated. Please contact University I.T. group at (408)924-1530 for any issues. You may reset your SJSUOne password HERE

Lab Bulletin Boards:

Bulletin Boards in COB Labs are only for flyers from BCS. No others flyers are allowed to post on the boards. We will remove any non-BCS flyers or materials from the board when found.