Printing policy in College of Business Labs



In order to reduce your expense on printing in the lab:

  1. Proof read on screen instead of on paper;

  2. Preview before printing, making necessary amendments and then previewing again;

  3. Keep the document in electronic format instead of printing it;

  4. If you think you must have it on hard copy, only print the final version;

  5. Save your documents on floppy disk, or USB thumb drive, and emailing yourself a copy of the document as a backup so you can access it from any Internet-accessible computer;

  6. Recognize that information posted on a web page will be available anytime from any Internet-accessible computer. So it is not necessary to make hard copies. If you worry that the posted information/pages may be gone sometime, just copy the screen/page to a Word document then save it, or download the posted files and save them to your USB thumb drive;

  7. Never print anything that you may not want;

  8. To reduce the chance of losing your printout, claim it from the printer immediately since other users may take it mistakenly;

  9. Discuss with your professors the options for them to accept your work on floppy disk, USB thumb drive, CD-R, email attachment, etc.