Printing policy in College of Business Labs

Printing in the CoB labs will incur a fee of $0.10/page. However, enrollment in CoB courses includes a lab fee that covers 60 print pages/course. Students enrolled in any of the CoB courses will automatically be allocated the appropriate printing account balance based on the number of courses enrolled (e.g. enrollment in 2 of the listed courses => allocation for 100 print pages). Printing balances will be tracked by logon accounts - do not share your logon account with anyone or you may lose lab and or printing privileges altogether.

In order to print over your allocation, you may add value to your account ONLY by paying cash in five dollar increments at the Helpdesk located in BBC302 - the Open Lab. Note: All account balances are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE UPON ANY CONDITION, so please pay responsibly according to your printing needs. All account balances will be forfeited immediately after the Final Exam Make-up Day of the current semester.

Note: The printing allocation system requires that new logon accounts be created for all CoB students, based on university enrollment records. Please use the default password for initial login with the new accounts.

Important Rules:

  1. Please preview your document before you send it to print so you know the number of pages and how it will be on paper. Most software allows you to preview the result on screen.

  2. You must make your FINAL DECISION before you click on the OK button. Once you clicked on the OK button on a Print window, according value will be deducted from your account immediately (provided your current balance can cover the print job). Clicking the OK button means you are confirming the deduction from your account balance, and you understand that there is no refund or credit recourse. The transaction is DONE after the click (unless there's a printer error).

  3. Cancellation or removal of a print job is not a way to revoke the value deduction. Cancellation or removal of a print job only means you abandon what you already paid for and let the system to trash it for you. We have no way to retrieve the cancelled print job or credit back to your account. The lab staff can't cancel your print job for you.

  4. It is recommended that large print job be segmented into small ones (e.g. 3 - 5 pages each).

  5. For any printer error (e.g. paper jam or faint printing), please look for help from the Lab Assistant on-duty immediately. Do not attempt to open or interrupt the operation of a system printer. The Lab Assistant can help you to reprint the jammed/faint pages caused by our printer.

  6. You are required to put back any printout, which was not sent by yourself, back to the printer/tray.


In order to reduce your expense on printing in the lab:

  1. Proof read on screen instead of on paper;

  2. Preview before printing, making necessary amendments and then previewing again;

  3. Keep the document in electronic format instead of printing it;

  4. If you think you must have it on hard copy, only print the final version;

  5. Save your documents on floppy disk, or USB thumb drive, and emailing yourself a copy of the document as a backup so you can access it from any Internet-accessible computer;

  6. Recognize that information posted on a web page will be available anytime from any Internet-accessible computer. So it is not necessary to make hard copies. If you worry that the posted information/pages may be gone sometime, just copy the screen/page to a Word document then save it, or download the posted files and save them to your USB thumb drive;

  7. Never print anything that you may not want;

  8. To reduce the chance of losing your printout, claim it from the printer immediately since other users may take it mistakenly;

  9. Discuss with your professors the options for them to accept your work on floppy disk, USB thumb drive, CD-R, email attachment, etc.