Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems concentration offered by this department provides students with the knowledge and ability to design, implement and manage information technology, business processes and systems. Students in this concentration are prepared for enterprise and industrial careers in the ever changing information technology, computing and telecommunication fields.

Last year our MIS graduates had the highest salaries offered among all the business concentrations - higher than accounting, finance, marketing, management - all the rest. Our MIS grads are working at HP, Google, eBay & Cisco etc.

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Marketing and Decision Sciences

The marketing concentration prepares students to identify potentially profitable groups of customers and communicate with them through product design, integrated promotions, distribution, and pricing. Excellent marketing requires strategic integration of all elements of the business plan. Good communication skills, both oral and written, are required of successful marketers.

The department also houses decision science courses for all concentrations in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business. Decision science courses prepare students to quantitatively analyze business issues.

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Organization and Management

The Organization and Management Department is home to the Management, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, and the interdisciplinary International Business concentrations. Management students are provided with the tools to manage organizational resources; effectively develop and lead people; and identify, diagnose, and solve organizational problems and challenges.

Students with a concentration in Human Resource Management receive a professional education that prepares them to identify, analyze, and solve complex human resource management issues Students are equipped with an understanding of recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategic human resource management.

Students who choose the Entrepreneurship concentration will learn how to identify potential opportunities for new ventures, and develop business plans.

The International Business concentration is a multidisciplinary concentration that prepares students to work in organizations engaged in conducting, regulating or monitoring business operations across national borders. The program incorporates study of the economic, political, financial, and cultural conditions that affect global business and of the factors that influence the effective strategic and operational management of global organizations.

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Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and Finance department provides students with skills essential to managing and developing the framework underlying the measurement, analysis, interpretation and communication of economic data. Concentration in this Department prepares students for careers as certified public accountants, tax professionals, and managerial accountants for both private and public sectors of the global economy.

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