The Lucas College has a strong portfolio of globally focused classes to help students develop the skills and knowledge to compete successfully in our globalized business world.  Below is a sampling of our offerings.  Check the current class schedule at to identify faculty to contact for more information on each class or meet with an adviser at the Jack Holland Student Success center to see how these courses might enhance your academic plan -- connect with the student success center at:

Bus 177 International Business Finance

Focuses on the determination of exchange rates and the workings of international financial markets. Develops exchange rate parity relationships and techniques for hedging exchange rate risk. Strategies for managing working capital, long term debt, fixed asset selection and international financial reporting are also examined.

Bus 187 Global Dimensions of Business(Required by all concentrations in the BSBA major)

An integrative interdisciplinary foundation for more specialized courses and self-directed learning. Provides an overview of economic, social, cultural and political/legal forces and factors influencing crossborder business and an introduction to international dimensions of business functions and operations.

BUS3  183 - Global Entrepreneurship

Will explore the opportunities that entrepreneurs create, encounter and change in the global and cross-cultural arena. It will examine how entrepreneurs adapt to and succeed in a global economy and how institutional networks facilitate global and immigrant entrepreneurship.

BUS2  133A - International Marketing

Impact of the international business environment on the development of marketing strategy and marketing mix, with emphasis on development of a global perspective and cultural sensitivity. Also covers international trade, importing and exporting.

BUS2  133B - Relationship Marketing: Pacific Rim

Why not use PacRim marketing methods in PacRim markets? Americans tend to be short-term, sales-oriented. Asians tend to be relationship oriented. Why not master both marketing methods? Focus: Launching a ""start-up"". Topics: PacRim forms of product-launch, sales presentation, negotiation, promotion, PacRim risks.

BUS3  162 - International and Comparative Management

Management functions and practices in an international context; comparison of management and business practices from various political and cultural perspectives; emphasis on what managers need to be aware of in order to perform in the international environment.

BUS133C International Marketing: Developing Nations

Why not use Third World marketing methods in Third World markets? Russian, African and Islamic regions pose special risks for U.S. marketers. Focus: Third World ways to cope. Topics: Bribery, corruption, terrorism, smuggling, as well as Anti-Americanism, Market-Communism, Fundamentalist Islam.

BUS 156 International Issues in Human Resource Management

Personnel practices in international context; cross-cultural management, human resource planning, recruitment and selection, expatriation/repatriation, training, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, labor relations as experienced by multinational corporations; comparative human resource management.

BUS145 Global Operations Strategy

Studies operations management issues unique to manufacturers with extensive international operations. Educational objectives are to develop an understanding of: the strategic tradeoffs associated with global operations, total supply chain management and the economics of transnational logistics.

BUS144 Supply Chain Management

Addresses concepts/tools for effective and efficient management of supply chains. Topics include materials planning/control, sourcing strategy, strategic alliances, information technology role, quality/customer issues, inventory management, and distribution/logistics management.

BUS165A Global Leadership

This course introduces students to global leadership and its development and is designed for students who want to work effectively with people in diverse settings. Taught experientially, the course involves simulations, innovation projects, and extensive individual feedback.

BUS 164B Doing Business Globally

Course is designed with a faculty-led program abroad. Students gain first-hand knowledge of the historical, institutional, and cultural factors influencing business and management practices in the destination country. May be repeated for credit with a different country destination.

BUS 162A International Business Strategy

Course focuses on the strategic challenges and the strategic management of firms that operate and compete in a global environment. Course provides an overarching experience in international business by integrating knowledge and previous international business learning.

BUS 163A Negotiating Globally

Introduces a theoretical framework and skill-building exercises for negotiating agreements, resolving disputes, and making decisions across cultures. Builds awareness of the global negotiating environment including cultural and institutional factors. Applicable to commercial transactions, employee relations, contract disputes, and international diplomacy.

BUS 163B Globalization and Innovation in Emerging and Developing Markets

This course investigates the world economy, specifically emerging and developing markets and provides an in-depth understanding of how institutions shape the strategies that firms employ and the actions that managers take in these countries.