Students within the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business represent and reflect the global business marketplace in which they will compete and be successful. The College has no ethnic majority amongst its student body. With over 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students, the College represents about 18% of the overall student body at San Jose State University. With student housing located on campus near the Business Tower or within close proximity, the College's students enjoy an intellectually challenging, culturally rich, and academically supportive environment.

Students at the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business enjoy a number of opportunities to get involved in the community and to develop relationship's with Silicon Valley corporations, including through Silicon Valley Connection program - where students visit and meet with executives of local corporations. The College celebrates the success of our students through the Honors Academy, which delivers a rigorous and challenging curriculum for the best and brightest students. Students also enjoy great opportunity to explore their interests and showcase their skills through a wide range of student organizations.

The Great Mind Challenge:
Our students recently participated in the IBM The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) Phase 2 challenge. Out of 88 registered teams from universities such as Duke, Baylor, Purdue, Florida State, University of South Florida, and North Carolina State, COB students took the top twenty positions!

This success demonstrates our students’ understanding of social business strategy, implementation and social business knowledge in a real world environment. You will recall that in Phase 1 of TGMC, our students took the top 9 positions out of 83 teams. According to the IBM website, the TGMC allows students to "transform yourself into every employer's ideal candidate". Larry is working with Spartan Daily editors and a reporter on a story in an upcoming edition. In addition, he is working with IBM Press for a larger story.

Here is a video with testimonials from the students who participated. 

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