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AIESEC Organization Logo

AIESEC transforms youth into global leaders. Become part of the world's largest student run organization and leverage our platform to discover and develop your potential. As an 'AIESECer' you'll have the opportunity to lead and manage teams, connect globally to our over 70,000 members and 1,000,000 alumni from our 126 countries and territories, and apply your academic knowledge while gaining hands on experience on an international internship. AIESEC is well respected in the international business community; our global partners include: Facebook, Microsoft, UBS, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, DHL, ING, and Alcatel Lucent, just to name a few.

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Alpha Kappa psi, Professional logo
Alpha Kappa Psi, develops students to grow professionally while gaining a life-long network. Members are given the tools and learn the skills to make an impact in the business world. We are a fraternity of developing leaders with a shared goal of being successful in everything we are a part of. We value and uphold our core values in brotherhood, unity, service, integrity, and knowledge. Whether you're studying business, engineering, nursing, or journalism, we recognize the importance of professionalism in all fields in the workplace. We are co-ed and invite all majors to check us out. 

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BIA Logo
The Banking and Investment Association (BIA) is an undergraduate student organization in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University. The Banking and Financial Services Club was formed in Spring 2009 after which it merged with Spartan Investors to create the new student organization - BIA. The purpose of the club is to promote activities that benefit/promote both students and the financial community to develop strong leaders in finance/banking.

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Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity. The primary objective of the fraternity is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting; providing opportunities for self development and association among members and practicing accountants, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

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Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Pi is America's foremost professional business fraternity with over 230,000 members and 300 collegiate and alumni chapters’ world-wide. The San Jose State University (Theta Chi) chapter has been an all-around, award-winning organization across the university and the national fraternity for over 41 years. Our pledging program as well as being an active member helps students grow personally and professionally by focusing on professional and career development. Delta Sigma gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class to real life situations. Our organization promotes community involvement by giving back to the community throughout the semester. We also have a huge network of over 800 chapter members, relations with our alumni, corporate sponsors, faculty and other chapters. If you are looking to challenge yourself and grow professionally, network with professionals, and have a memorable college experience, then Delta Sigma Pi can offer just that!

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FMA Logo
The Financial Management Association makes Finance fun, real, and exciting by linking student members' technical classroom skills with guest speakers' business-world experiences, thus encouraging student interaction. The opportunity for members to enhance managerial, interpersonal, and social skills is furthered by using both formal and informal activities. FMA provides specific, focused information about career paths within the broad discipline of Finance by providing speakers who share personal experiences supplementing classroom learning and by encouraging alumni.

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The mission of the GBSA is to promote student development and welfare, and to enhance the identity and perception of the MBA program, with emphasis on developing relationships with alumni, faculty, and the business community. The GBSA promotes social interaction among all MBA students, their families, faculty, and administrators. The GBSA organizes a variety of activities that appeal to a wide range of students in each of the MBA programs - MBA One, On-Campus, & Off-Campus.

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Global Operations Management Association (GOMA) Purpose

The purpose of our Global Operations Management Association is to bring students closer to the operations industry by giving them tools to succeed in the field. As a relatively new organization, we want our members to actively shape our club to what they want to see in a student org. Our mission is to create leaders who will help innovate the global landscape in the operations industry. We want to connect our members to supply chain contacts that may lead to career opportunities. Come join us today!

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"The Institute for Management Accountants is a worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals working in business. If you'd like to expand your knowledge about management accounting with thought-provoking publications and research on industry trends and developments, meet like-minded students, gain valuable leadership experience and cultivate real-world contacts, join the IMA today."

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Innovation Club Logo

The Innovation Club was formed to bring together students from different majors and backgrounds to collaborate and share innovative ideas. Our goal is to provide professional networking and useful resources to get your idea started. We believe that any successful venture starts with a well-connected team.


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ISACA acts as a medium through which our members are introduced to and educated about accounting, information systems, information security, assurance, risk management, privacy, and auditing as well as other fields associated with IT control and governance. Our bi weekly meetings provide opportunities for our members to interact and network with professionals currently in the field as well as to improve their soft skills. Companies featured include the Big 4 accounting firms as well as top companies located in and around the Silicon Valley. 
Students from all majors are encouraged to join and form new and lasting relationships while preparing for their certification examinations and their future careers. Members are also encouraged to participate in our bi-annual research competition, co-sponsored by the ISACA Silicon Valley Chapter.

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International Business Association
The International Business Association of San Jose State promotes international careers, studying abroad, and strong global leadership to stretch through all borders and boundaries of possibility. Mainly, the International Business Association (IBA) seeks to accomplish 3 things:
1) Encourage students to engage in studying abroad and international internships by conducting seminars and providing scholarship opportunities.
2) Increase awareness and appreciation of different cultures and global business trends.
3) Bridge the gap between San Jose State University's COB and the multinational companies of Silicon Valley.
If you want to learn how you can make yourself stand out in a competitive, global economy, or are interested in becoming a global leader, than the International Business Association is for you!

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Latino Business Student Association
The Latino Business Student Association Mission: LBSA creates the next generation of Latino professionals by inspiring leadership and building community". The Latino Business Student Association encourages involvement from all majors and backgrounds to enter the leadership development experience as an LBSA member. This includes developing skills through education seminars and business workshops; networking with high-executive Professionals from the Silicon Valley; learning about opportunities such as internships and scholarships through our general and exclusive LBSA newsletter; and much, much more.
This interaction serves as a tool for motivation and learning the application of business culture, educating and preparing Latino business students to make a seamless transition into the corporate world through experiential learning. We achieve this by building relationships and life-long friendships, strengthening our own values and tenacity within our academic and professional career.

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The mission of the SJSU Management Information Systems Association is to provide a professional atmosphere for Business/MIS students to receive support from advisors, faculty and leaders, obtain academic and career advice, meet industry professionals, and network with peers in the IS field.

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Marketing Assoc. Logo

The Marketing Association at San Jose State University exposes students of all majors to the exciting and ever changing world of marketing. By providing networking opportunities with industry leading professionals and colleagues, professional and personal development workshops, potential leadership involvement and community service initiatives, we aim to shape the next generation of business leaders.

The Marketing Association focuses on the following four pillars:

1) Professional Development: Exposure to industry leading marketing professionals and companies through company tours, speaker meetings and networking events.

2) Networking: Social events to network within the college of business and across other majors. Develop lasting relationships with driven SJSU students and faculty.

3) Leadership: Opportunities for leadership roles through board and committee positions. Help hone your marketing skills by becoming a part of the foundation of the SJSU Marketing Association team.

4) Community Service: Giving back is an essential part of who we are. As a student-run organization, we aim to strengthen our community and inspire our members to help and serve others in their daily lives and future careers.

As a member of the Marketing Association you will receive member exclusive benefits such as job/ internship opportunities, professional resources, a reliable network and, most importantly, an unforgettable experience. Join MA today and invest in your future!

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The Human Resource Management Association
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) of San Jose State University strives to facilitate opportunities for career growth and enhancement in the field of Human Resource Management for all organizational members and other students who share similar interests. Our mission is to be the bridge between the academic and the professional world of HR by providing networking, job/internship, and leadership opportunities to SJSU students who share a passion for HR. We strive to provide students with a competitive advantage needed for a successful career in the HR field.

Find out more at our SHRM website and connect with us on SHRM Facebook and Instagram.

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