Undergraduate Requirements

The Lucas College of Business offers one baccalaureate degree, the BS-Business Administration. All students, regardless of desired specialization, must complete an interdisciplinary core of business courses (plus general education and prerequisite courses). In addition to breadth provided by the core curriculum, each student selects an area of specialization in which to concentrate.

In addition to the general requirements below - please see Notice to Business Majors for Spring 2006

Requirements for all BS - Business Administration Majors

All majors in business administration who seek the Bachelor of Science degree must successfully complete at least 120 units involving several categories of courses. General education courses are required by the university and the State of California to promote breadth of knowledge in a variety of fields beyond direct career applications. All business majors must complete Bus/PhiI186, Business and Professional Ethics, which earns general education credit, and one non-business global perspectives course which can earn general education credit (See BSAC for list.)

Lower-division Business Pool and Support Courses

Business majors are expected to complete lower-division business and support courses as prerequisites to upper-division business courses. These consist of Math 70; Econ 1A, 1B; Engl 1B; Bus 10 (freshmen) Bus 20, 21, 80, 90, and 91L. To be eligible to enroll in upper-division business courses, business majors will need to schedule an advisement appointment with the Business Student Advisement Center (BBC 008). At minimum, students must complete Math 70, Engl 1B, Bus 20, and Bus 90 with grades of "C-" or better prior to registering for any upper-division business courses. Note: Accounting and Accounting Information Systems majors are not required to take Bus 21. Accounting majors must receive a "C" or better in Bus 20.

Upper-division Business Core and Concentrations

After satisfying the lower-division business and support requirements, students advance to upper-division coursework. The three types of upper-division courses are these: Business Fundamentals, which provides courses in three fields of study: Business Fundamentals provides competencies in basic business functions and skills; Business Integration and Perspectives, which provides an interdisciplinary overview of the field of business and perspectives on critical issues such as ethics and global forces; and Concentrations, which provides a choice for career specialization. The following requirements apply to all majors seeking the BS-Business Administration degree:

BS-Business Administration degree Requirements Semester Units
General Education Requirements
Of the 51 units required by the university, 15 may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.
American Institutions
Of the 6 units required by the university, all may be satisfied within general education requirements as specified in the schedule of classes.
Physical Education
two different activities
Lower-division Business and Support
Bus 10, Bus 20, Bus 21, Bus 80, Bus 90, Bus 91L, Econ 1A, Econ 1B, Math 70 and Engl1B
Business Fundamentals (Upper Division)
Bus 100W, Bus 130, Bus 140, Bus 160, Bus 170, and Bus 190
Business Integration and Perspectives (Upper Division)
Phil 186, Bus 187, Bus 188, Bus 189 and one non-business global perspectives course 
Business Concentration
Most concentrations require 18 units. Those with heavy technical or certification requirements may require up to 24 units.
Electives 0-6
Total Units Required for Degree 120

Bus 10 is strongly recommended of SJSU freshmen.

Non-business global perspectives courses may be counted elsewhere for general education credit.

Note: These criteria are reviewed each year and may be changed.