• Retail Study Tour (Spring)

    2-day tour of greater Bay Area retailing and retailing-allied industry. Chartered bus takes students to visit various stores, corporate headquarters, and warehousing and distribution centers of retailers and retail supply chain members to acquaint students with the spectrum of career opportunities in retailing.

  • Retail Conference (Fall)

    Executive Board assists in securing speakers for program of student -oriented conference. Staged professionally at student union to maximize participation (1600 attendance for 2008 conference). Themes include, Retailing: The Societal Edge (2008), Customer and Workforce Diversity (2009), and Innovative Technology and Systems (2010).

  • Retail Internship Forum (Fall and Spring)

    Scheduled several weeks before Fall Career and Internship Fair. Testimonials by Summer Interns and their corporate sponsors. Attended by potential interns.

    Designed to build stronger internships.

    Designed to build student participation.

    Designed to prepare students who are seeking internships for the upcoming CareerFair.