Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board consists of sponsoring financial institutions and Lucas College and Graduate School of Business representatives.

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Lucas College and Graduate School of Business Representatives

Marlene E. Turner, Ph.D. , Interim Dean

Marlene E. Turner, Interim Dean of SJSU's Lucas college and Graduate School of Business. She is also a Professor in the School of Management. An award-winning teacher, researcher and administrator, she earned a Master's degree in dance from the Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Theory from Carnegie Mellon University. Editor of the book "Groups at Work," and a regular contributor to journals, Turner is frequently called upon to share her expertise by serving as department editor, special issue editor, and board member of premiere academic journals. Her research findings have been presented in briefings to the United States Congress, Department of National Intelligence, the California State Legislature, and various civil rights groups; featured in the popular business press; presented as the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture; and awarded a custom official Cooperstown Hall of Fame baseball bat from the Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball History in honor of her work on Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball. 

Marco Pagani, Ph.D.
Dr. Pagani is a faculty member in the Department of Accounting and Finance at San Jose State University and the Interim MBA Director of the Lucas Graduate School of Business. Professor Pagani received his Ph.D. in Finance from Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA; his M. Sc. in Finance from HEC, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada; and his B.B.A. from the University Lyon II, Lyon, France. Dr. Pagani's research and teaching interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Institutions, Investments, and Derivative Securities. His research has been published in several scientific publications among which Management Science, the Journal of Economics and Finance, the Journal of Index Investing, the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, and the Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds.

Stoyu Ivanov, Ph.D.
Dr.Ivanov is an Assistant Professor of Finance at San Jose State University. He holds a Ph.D. and MBA degrees from the University of Nebraska.