The most important element of BARC is its ability to provide vital interfacing opportunities between SJSU students and BARC Executive Board partners.  These interfacing opportunities include the most elemental but all-so-important classroom presentations for which BARC provides Executive Board partners with an efficient matching service.  They also include more elaborate events such as when BARC Executive Advisory Board members 1) become a stop on the annual BARC Retail Study Tour, 2) provide a speaker for the annual BARC Conference, 3) or participate in the prestigious, semi-annual SJSU Lucas Graduate College Lectureship Series.  A list and brief information about the events that drive the student/company interfacing mechanism follows:

Retail Study Tour (Spring Semester)

2-day tour of greater Bay Area retailing and retailing-allied industry.

Chartered bus takes 55 students to visit various stores, corporate headquarters, warehouse distribution centers, and other facilities of retailers and retail supply chain members to acquaint students with the spectrum of the industry and career opportunities, therein. Spring 2011 tour included stops at Target and Walgreens distribution centers, Coca Cola plant, retail security firm, Kohls and Nordstrom stores, Enterprise administrative center.  Sites include Sacramento, San Francisco, Peninsula, and San Jose.  Evening spent at Union Square Hotel in SF.

Retail Conference (Fall Semester)

Executive Board assists in securing speakers for program of student-oriented conference.

Staged professionally at student union to maximize participation (1000+ attendance).

Companies staff networking/recruiting table at back of auditorium.

Themes include, Retailing: The Societal Edge (2008), Retailing Diversity Among Consumers and Workforce (2009), Innovative Technology and Systems in Retail Productivity (2010), Strategies for an Uncertain Economy (2011), Multi-Channel Retailing (2012), Consumer-Driven Strategic Road Maps (2013)

Class Presentations  (Throughout year)

Matching service/list provided for Executive Board members.

Approximate 45-60 minute presentations to 40-120 students.

Recruiting portion preceded by topic content for maximum impact.

Very basic interface opportunity with tremendous recruiting traction.

Retail Internship Forum (Spring and Fall Semester)

Testimonials by interns and their corporate sponsors.

Attended by 125 students

Designed to build stronger internships

Designed to build student participation in internships.

Designed to prepare students who are seeking internships

Etiquette Luncheon (Spring and Fall Semester)

Attended by 35 students

California Kitchen, Los Gatos

Soft Skills development

Honors Program Participation (Spring and Fall Semester)

Executive Board partners submit project proposals.

Projects are assigned to a team of 3-5 honors students (3.5 GPA requirement to be in honors program).

Three-month project culminates with presentation to company.

Provides excellent interface between Executive Board and our finest students.

Executive Advisory Board Meeting  (Spring and Fall)

BARC Executive Director chairs meeting.

Retail Executive Board and College Advisory Board representatives are in attendance.

Student Advisory Board assists (also provides interface opportunity).

Development of long-range strategy.

Short-range planning for Retail Conference (Spring Meeting) or Retail Tour (Fall Meeting).

Student Advisory Board Career Building Workshops (Spring and Fall Semester)

Attended by BARC Student Board Members (40 members)

Interviewing, networking, career-building skills workshops (1st half)

Networking luncheon (2nd half)

Students and executives interact in both phases