Center for Organizational Resilience

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Organizational Resilience (COR) is to serve as Silicon Valley’s Center-of-Excellence in the emerging field of cyber resilience management.

Center for Organizational Resilience Faculty Win NSF CyberTraining Grant to Develop Introductory Data Science for All Seminars to SJSU and Santa Clara County CC students! 
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Spring 2019 Data Science for All Seminars

Detailed seminar descriptions

Special Guest! 
Demystifying AI presented by Harlan Findley, Director of Consulting & Strategy at Google.
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019
1:30-4:00 pm in BBC 032
Learn the basic concepts of how Machine Learning (ML) works, how it’s used to improve business processes, and which parts of the economy will be most affected by ML-driven automation. 

Python Foundations presented by Esperanza Huerta.
Thursday Feb. 21 or Thursday Mar. 7, 2019
4:30-7:15 pm in BBC 305 
Interpret, modify and create basic programs in Python for data science applications. A great seminar if you've never programmed before! Register here for either section!

Exploring Graphs in Neo4j
presented by Scott Jensen.
Thursday Feb. 28 or Thursday Mar. 14, 2019
4:30-7:15 pm in BBC 305 
Data science is about exploring the patterns and relationships in data. We will use the Neo4j graph database to explore relationships in a social network. Register here for either section!

Statistical Foundations presented by Subhankar Dhar.
Thursday Mar. 21 or Thursday Apr. 18, 2019
4:30-7:15 pm in BBC 305 
We will use hands-on examples to learn basic statistical concepts and apply them to data science scenarios. Register here for either section!

Spark & Jupyter Notebooks presented by Scott Jensen.
Thursday, Apr. 11, 2019
4:30-7:15 pm in BBC 305
We will use some of the hottest web-based tools in data science to explore a large dataset, visualize your analysis, and publish your results.  Register here.