Institutes and Centers

Our centers and institutes prepare students to deal with the complex problems facing businesses today through industry partnerships, faculty research and experiential learning. Research and activities within the centers and institutes tackle the real-time issues facing Silicon Valley companies and other global businesses. The subject matter, functional areas and industries covered by our centers and institutes are extensive – from tax and accounting to marketing and management to entrepreneurship and leadership to technology and financial management. We work with businesses on local, national and international levels to inform present and future business practices in a rapidly changing world.

AACThe Accounting Advancement Center (AAC) is designed to enhance career prospects by developing partnerships between LCoB and accounting firms in the Bay Area. AAC complements students’ education in the accounting field by linking students to accounting professionals through events and meetings. Learn More >    


BARCThe Bay Area Retail Leadership Center (BARC) consists of a multilateral partnership between retail industry partners, faculty and students. BARC is designed to apprise students’ of exciting and lucrative retail career opportunities, to enhance internships and careers in retail. Learn More >


CBFSThe Center for Banking and Financial Services
(CBFS) builds dynamic partnerships between LCoB and local financial institutions to connect students with the banking financial professionals. Each year, the CBFS awards scholarships to several outstanding students from sponsoring financial institutions. 
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CORThe Center for Organizational Resilience 
(COR) serves as a center of excellence in the emerging field of cyber resilience management. The center offers a neutral, trusted environment where policy makers, subject matter experts and societal groups from diverse backgrounds collaborate to advance contentious cyber issues. Learn More >

GLACThe Global Leadership Advancement Center  (GLAC) fosters, advances and disseminates knowledge on global leadership through training, research, and other activities. The center’s Social Innovation Initiative leverages the symbiotic relationship among SJSU, social entrepreneurs, the city of San José, foundations, and other innovation organizations to encourage and train people to apply technology and innovation for the good of the local
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High Tech TaxThe High Technology Tax Institute (HTTI) began as collaboration between the Tax Executives Institute and LCoB to provide a high quality, tax education program with an open and broad dialogue on key tax issues that includes contributions from the Internal Revenue and other government agencies. The Institute delivers conferences, lectures and other educational events on relevant tax issues for technology companies.  Learn More >

The Institute for People and Performance (IPP) aspires to advancing knowledge of human capital management through training, research, and engagement with industry and professional organizations. The institute strives to be a community of students, scholars and professionals for the purpose of educating students, alumni and community members on human resources through training, workshops and events. Learn More >

MTIThe Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) is a leading institute for research on transportation. MTI provides the highest-quality support for surface transportation researchers, planners, managers, educators, and elected officials through the lens of our urban academic home, San Jose State University. Learn More > 


SVCEThe Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship 
(SVCE) is dedicated to cultivating and supporting entrepreneurs and promotes entrepreneurship through knowledge dissemination, collaborative partnerships and activities such as lectures and fairs. The SVCE undertakes research that is valuable to entrepreneurs and that informs curriculum. 
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SVCOTMThe Silicon Valley Center for Operations & Technology Management (SVCOTM) is a bridge between academic capacities of the LCoB and industrial resources within the Bay Area and around the world. We enhance students’ career prospects in the fields of operations, supply chain, and tech management. The center serves as a knowledge portal for sharing academic and industrial information related to operations, supply chain, and
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