Programs and Centers

InstitutesBay Area Retail Leadership Center

In the greater San Jose metropolitan area, the retailing industry operates in the shadow of the high tech industry. Nonetheless, the balance of power in channels of distribution has shifted away from consumer goods manufacturers to retailers. Today, the largest company in the world is a retailer. Retail management has become highly data-driven and technology-reliant. Professionalism in the industry has substantially escalated and high-leverage, high-paying career opportunities abound. BARC is designed to apprise students of these opportunities, to provide abundant experiences that complement classroom learning, and, finally, to enhance students' chances of securing challenging and rewarding internships and careers in retailing.

Global Leadership Advancement Center

The Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC) was founded in 2008. Its mission is to advance the field of global leadership and disseminate best practices to help organizations, management professionals and SJSU students function more effectively in global work settings.

Mineta Transportation Institute

The Mineta Transportation Institute, located on the San Jose State University campus, was established by Congress as part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). MTI focuses on international surface transportation policy issues as related to three primary responsibilities: research, education, and technology transfer. MTI receives policy oversight from an internationally respected board of trustees who represent all of the major transportation modes.

Service Science, Management and Engineering

The Mission of the SSME program at SJSU is to:

  • Develop and deliver relevant SSME curriculum for our students and stakeholders.
  • Foster an intellectually challenging environment and acquire resources to support SSME education and research.
  • Pursue mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with industry, academic, and government partners to advance the SSME discipline.

Silicon Valley Center for Business Solutions

The Silicon Valley Center for Business Solutions (SVCBS) is a well-rounded center situated at San Jose State University intended to help small, medium and large sized companies with their business and technical challenges. SVCBS is envisioned as a proactive liaison between the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business and businesses in the local community, aligning faculty expertise and interests with industry research needs to find pragmatic solutions to the complex pressing challenges facing Silicon Valley. The SVCBS would develop and support research projects and facilitate the dissemination of publishable results in appropriate outlets including academic, trade and other press. The SVCBS vision is pursuant to the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business mission in conducting research that contributes to business theory, practice and education.

Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship

The Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship promotes effective entrepreneurship through knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination, collaborative partnerships and outreach activities.

Silicon Valley Center for Operations & Technology Management

The Silicon Valley Center for Operations & Technology Management (SVCOTM) is a bridge between academic capacities of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business and industrial resources within the Bay Area and around the world. Our students will be able to obtain more industrial opportunities and enhance their career prospects in the fields of operations, supply chain, and technology managements. The SVCOTM is dedicated to better inspire and develop our students and serve the educational goal of the San Jose State University. By partnering with business firms and industrial practitioners, the Center will offer more industrial experiences to our students and faculty members, catalyst a higher level of operational and technological performance for partnering companies, and enhance the impact and visibility of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business. The Center will be a knowledge portal for sharing academic and industrial information related to operations, supply chain, and technology management among students, faculty members and industry partners.

The Center for Banking and Financial Services

Founded in 2008, the purpose of the Center for Banking and Financial Services (CBFS) is to build a vital partnership between San José State University's Lucas College and Graduate School of Business and local financial institutions. In particular, the focus of the center's efforts is to create a link between talented SJSU students and the banking and financial services industry. This is especially important as there may be a discrepancy between the career opportunities in the financial sector and students' understanding of those opportunities. As a result, the partnerships built by the center benefit SJSU, its students and the companies represented on the CBFS Executive Board.

The High Technology Tax Institute

Since 1984, the Tax Executives Institute (TEI) and San Jose State University have sponsored the High Technology Tax Institute in Silicon Valley. The Institute's focus on relevant tax issues for computer companies, as well as pharmaceutical, biotech, communications, and aerospace industries makes it an invaluable, educational tax experience for accountants, attorneys, and corporate representatives who service high technology companies.

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