Computer Fund Policy

College of Business
Lucas Graduate School of Business
December 2012

As we all know, computer equipment is a must for our faculty and staff. We need to plan and budget to assure that we can provide the necessary computing and computer services to all of our state employees. The policy statement which follows is designed to assure this is the case.


All full-time faculty* who have been (or are being) employed by the College of Business for at least three years can have a computer that is no more than three years old. Hence, everyone in the above category will be allocated a maximum of $1,800 (post-sales tax) allowance for a desktop or a laptop. The purchase of other computer accessories, such as a printer, is not covered.

Staff and part-time faculty including FERPs will have access to up-to-date desktop computers while on campus, but these computers will be assigned to space (offices, desks) or positions rather than to individuals as such. These computers also will be replaced as needed, but not more frequently than every three years.

Newly hired Tenure Track Faculty will be provided a computing allowance, upon arrival, of $3,000, for computer equipment. Department chairs can request an additional amount if the new faculty member’s computing requirements exceed this amount.


To the extent possible, we will attempt to deal with one, or at most two, vendor(s) for both hardware and software. The most current list of approved computer configurations is available at CoB wiki site.

This is to ensure both compatibility and service requirements by the BCS staff. Although requests for special computers may be approved, prompt maintenance and BCS help will not be guaranteed for these computers. All computers will be purchased with a 3-year maintenance and service policy.


The computers purchased by means of the computing allowance belong to the College of Business, SJSU. The old machine must be turned in to the College or bought by the faculty member at book value within 30 days after the new machine is picked up. Exceptions may be granted by the Dean.

All new computers will be asset tagged and inventoried. Maintaining an up-to-date inventory and assignment of each machine will be the responsibility of BCS. A full-time faculty member assigned an individual machine may take it home without asking special permission. However, the College of Business is not responsible for providing an additional machine at work.


Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit faculty from owning more than one computer. There are many other sources of funds that can be used to buy computers. Personal funds may be used as well. However, any technology purchased, whether in whole or in part, by funds from SJSU or CoB belongs to the University and will be treated as University property. Support is only guaranteed for the primary computer. Any additional computers will not come with a guarantee of support.

An employee can possess a maximum of two computers purchased by college state funds at one time.


Full-time faculty*

The only approval required is the technical approval and eligibility check by Prabha Chandrasekar.

Part-time faculty / staff work stations

A standard configuration computer will be provided. Request for a special configuration setup must receive approval from the Associate Dean.


The Dean’s Office must make all computer purchases, regardless of funding source. Employees may initiate a purchase request by contacting Nick Van Eyck at or 4-3456 to verify eligibility to purchase.

*Full-time “temporary” faculty members are those instructors who have a 1.0 appointment over three years.