Business Convocation Ceremony

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business 
Spring 2016 Convocation Ceremony
Friday, May 27, 2016

On May 27, the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business will hold its Spring convocation, celebrating the accomplishments of its Spring and Summer graduates. If you are registered to graduate in Spring or Summer of 2016 we invite you, your family and your guests to attend the ceremony.

This event is wheelchair accessible. For event center seating questions please contact the event center box office at 408-924-6333. Graduating students that need special accommodations for themselves should send an email to immediately.

The Lucas College and Graduate School of Business convocation is only for Business majors. During the ceremony, if the student is present, their name will be announced when they cross the stage and they will be congratulated and photographed with the Deans from the College. SJSU will mail out the official SJSU diplomas to students at a later date. We suggest that you also participate in the SJSU Commencement on May 28th.

Share your photos and farewell message with your classmates, family and friends by using #sjsulcobgrads .

View the convocation picture album and video of the fall 2015 convocation ceremony.

Below is a FAQ section that should answer your questions about the convocation ceremony. Should you need additional information, please send an email to

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, May 27!

P.S. Please consider sending an email invitation to your favorite professor to attend the ceremony. You will not have to purchase a ticket for them, but they are as eager to cheer your accomplishments as your family and friends!


1. When is the College of Business Convocation?

2. Where is the College of Business Convocation?

3How do I participate in the College of Business Convocation?

4. IMPORTANT Instructions to follow BEFORE and DURING the ceremony.

5. Student Message & Picture presentation

6. Other Frequently Asked Questions

When is the College of Business Convocation?

Friday, May 27, 2016

7:30am - 8:30am - Light breakfast will be provided to guests and students in attendance in the BBC courtyard, while supplies last. In case of rain this breakfast is cancelled.

8:30am - Event Center doors open to the public.

8:30am - Graduating Students Line-up for Processional March*.

All participating students assemble by major and concentration outside the Event Center - between the Music Building and the Event Center. Specific instructions will be given at that time. Come dressed in your cap, gown and Tassel (Masters: Please carry your hood, as you will be hooded inside the event center)

 * Guests are not to accompany graduates to the line-up area.

9:30am - Ceremony starts with Processional March.

(Ceremony duration: Approx. 2.5 hrs)

Please note that the LCoB convocation ceremony will be videotaped in order to produce a video of the ceremony. By attending the ceremony you will be giving your permission to be recorded and for your likeness to be used in the final product.

As a courtesy to your fellow students and their guests, we ask that each student participating in the ceremony remain in the student area, and their guests remain seated, until the end of the ceremony.

Where is the College of Business Convocation?


Event Center Arena

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Parking information available at

Parking will be complimentary in all the garages on campus. Disabled guests should park at the 7th street garage. In order to minimize traffic congestion we suggest that all other guests park in the 4th and 10thstreet garages. 

Allow ample time to arrive at the ceremony site, park and line-up for the processional march.

How do I participate in the College of Business Convocation?


1. RSVP by May 19, midnight, PST.

You MUST RSVP even if you are not going to invite guests (so we can provide the event center with a total count).

2. To celebrate your academic accomplishment, your name will appear in the LCoB Convocation program (for undergraduate students: if you applied for graduation by October 15, 2015, with the Jack Holland Student Success Center BBC 008; for graduate students: if you applied for award of degree by Feb 10, 2016, with the SJSU graduate admissions office). If you do not want your name to be included in the program, please send an email to by April 22, 2016.

3. Purchase your GUEST TICKETS from the Event Center box office on campus, from March 21 – May 27 (there will be two sales periods, see below). Tickets are sold depending on availability, and on a first-come, first serve basisTickets are not guaranteed.

Graduating students must show student ID to purchase tickets (names are matched against the event center box office list.)

When you purchase your tickets please verify if your name or degree information is correct. If there are any changes, please send an email to before April 22, midnight PST.  Due to printing deadlines we can't accept changes after April 22.


Graduating students attend for free.

$20 - 1 adult ticket.

$2  - 1 regular child ticket (2 - 5 years)

Children 23 months or younger can attend for free.


March 21 – May 13 Graduating Students Only

Graduating students can purchase up to 4 guest tickets (depending on availability, and on a first-come first-serve basis.) Tickets are not guaranteed.

May 14 – May 27

ANY EXTRA TICKETS available will be sold at this time so please check with the event center box office.

Graduating Students and General Public (family & friends) can purchase up to 6 extra tickets at this time (if extra tickets are available). Any extra tickets will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis, and quantity will depend on availability. Extra tickets are not guaranteed.

* Members of the general public must provide the box office with the name & student ID of the student they are coming to see during the ceremony.

* If a student is not on the box office list he / she must fill out a box office letter when they purchase guest tickets (whether they are purchasing the guest tickets themselves or a family / friend is purchasing the guest tickets.

All sales are final - No refunds allowed. All tickets will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis. Tickets are not guaranteed.


Event Center box-office hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Event Center Box office 408 - 924 – 6333

Student Message & Picture Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation will be shown as guests seat themselves, before the ceremony begins.

If you wish to include a personal message to family and friends, please provide us with a digital image and text by Wednesday, May 18, midnight PST (no submissions will be accepted after May 18).

Email your digital image and MS word document (as two separate files) to Your digital image must be 600/450 pixels. Your text message can't exceed 20 words and must be in MS Word format. Include your First and Last name, Student ID, and Phone number in your email message.

IMPORTANT Instructions to follow BEFORE and DURING the ceremony.


7:30am - 8:30am - Light breakfast will be provided to guests and students in attendance in the BBC courtyard. In case of rain this breakfast is cancelled.



Between the music building and the event center, by degree / concentration (see sample photo below and details under student line-up.) Do not bring anything with you into the event center (no jackets, purses, etc.). We suggest you leave these items with your guests.

 Students lining up

Undergraduate students come dressed in regalia (cap, tassel and gown: wear the tassel on the right side of the cap.)

Masters students come dressed in regalia (cap, tassel and gown: wear the tassel on the left side of the cap) but please carry your hood (you will be hooded inside the event center).

1. Students will line up under their major / concentration, in two lines. Students with double majors will line up under their primary concentration. Gary J. Sbona students will line up under the Gary J. Sbona Honors designation, not their individual concentration. The lineup order below is how students will walk into the arena. Line up order may change slightly on May 27 due to rsvps submitted. Please look at the arena floor plan.pdf  document for the estimated line-up location.

***If it is raining, the back up location for students to line-up at 8:30am is inside the Boccardo Business Classroom building. Please enter the BBC through the 9th Street entrance (side with name on building). Students will line-up on the 1st and 2nd fl. Follow instructions provided to you at that time. Check the event center line-up location first before going to the BBC line-up location***

2. Students will be asked to fill out a name card before entering the event center, for the photographer. Keep this card with you when you enter the arena. Further instructions will be provided during the lineup.

LEFT SIDE (facing event center)

RIGHT SIDE (facing event center)






 MS Accountancy


 Global Operations Management


 MS Taxation


 International Business


 Gary J. Sbona Honors Program


 Human Resource Management






 Accounting Information Systems


 Management Information Systems


 Corporate Accounting and Finance


 Business Analytics



General Business






The faculty will walk into the arena, followed by the students.

Students walk down the middle aisle towards the faculty marshals in front of the stage, who will direct them to their seats, row by row.

The program includes a welcome from the Dean, the student address, and the convocation address by the Alumni Guest Speaker (program subject to change). Then the class of 2016 is presented, concentration - by - concentration. The program ends with closing remarks.

How do students walk the stage?

1.  When instructed by the Faculty Marshal, the students will rise. The Faculty Marshall will direct students out of their seats into the side aisles, row by row.

2.  Remaining in line, students move towards the side stage stairs then take their picture in front of the Lucas College of Business banner. Afterwards students lineup on the stairs, in preparation for crossing the stage.

3.  Students hand their name card to the faculty announcer who reads their name. We recommend whispering the name to the faculty announcer, so they can pronounce it as correctly as possible.

4.  Once their name is announced, Undergraduates move forward to collect their certificate, and continue walking to shake hands and take photo with the Dean. Masters do the same but they will shake hands and take photo with the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

5.  Undergraduates & Masters then walk off the stage down the middle stage stairs, and back to their seats.

Students remain in the graduate arena until the end of the ceremony. 




The faculty walk out of the arena first followed by the students.

The Faculty walk off the stage, down the middle aisle, and out of the event center, followed by the students, and then the guests in the bleachers. We suggest that you and your guests identify a meeting point outside of the event center, to meet after the ceremony.

Other Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we receive caps, gowns and tassels? How about hoods?

A: No. You will need to purchase caps, gowns, and tassels, as well as hoods (Masters) at the bookstore on campus or on-line at the Spartan Bookstore Website. The last day to order online at the Herff Jones website is April 15, 2016. 

Caps & Gowns will be in the store starting April 4​. The Spartan Bookstore "GradFair" will be from April 4 – April 7. There will be company representatives on site for rings, announcements and diploma frames. The bookstore can't guarantee cap & gown availability after Friday May 6th​. A photographer (for portrait shots) will also be at the Spartan Bookstore but ONLY during the "GradFair".

Q: Are there announcement invitations available?

A: Yes. Generic announcement invitations are available for purchase at the bookstore. Personalized announcement invitations are currently available online

Q: Will there be any food or drinks served at the event?

A: No. However, the concession stands may be open when the doors open to the public.

Q. Will professional photographs be taken during the ceremony?

A: Yes. A professional photographer from GradImages will be taking photographs* during the ceremony. Proofs will be sent to the student’s home and via email within three to five days after the graduation ceremony. Make sure you fill out your email address on the name card during the student line-up.

Pictures can be ordered online, by phone or by mail. GradImages can be contacted at 800-261-2576 or via email at

Registering with GradImages before the ceremony provides the photographers with the information they need to deliver graduation proofs to students in a timely manner. Giving them an accurate mailing address and email address will allow them to get proofs to students on the first try. There is no obligation to purchase any photo packages offered by GradImages.

*Graduating students: In order to receive your photo proof make sure you fill out the name card completely during the convocation lineup. Please also visit the Pre-event Registration page.

Grad Images


Q: Is there reserved seating in the Event Center Arena?

A: No. For this event seating is open (your guests can sit anywhere in the bleachers section). We recommend that your guests arrive early and enter together. After the ceremony is over we encourage you to meet your guests outside of the event center.

If you or your family are holding tickets for somebody you can leave them at the Will Call window of the event center box office. There are no in-and-out privileges for this event - once guests enter the event center and hand over their ticket they can’t go back inside, so please plan accordingly.

Guests enter through the Arena Entrance stairs, located on the left side of the box office and also on the left and right side of the Sport Club. Disabled guests enter through the disabled entrance, next to the Sport Club entrance. See photo below. 


Q: Are there any items guests can't bring into the Event Center?

A: Yes. All guests will be subject to search, which may include the use of Electronic devices, pat downs and inspections of bags. Only small purses and baby bags will be permitted in the Building.


* Glass containers of any kind

* Alcoholic beverages (including leis with bottles)

* Weapons of any kind (including off-duty police weapons, pipes of any size, or chains)

* Fireworks


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