Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership

Become a Cyber Leader and boost your career!

Cyber events now occur daily, each seemingly a first-of-kind attack, and the frequency of breaches will grow exponentially as the “Internet of things” expands. No other single issue threatens the economic and national security wellbeing of the United States more than cyber.

Careers in cybersecurity grew 91% from 2010-2014 creating as many as 1,000,000 unfilled cyber jobs in the US[1]. The Burning Glass[2] market intelligence report on 2015 Cybersecurity jobs found:

  • The fastest growing cybersecurity careers in the next 5 years include Risk Management at 209% and Risk Assessment at 169%.
  • 19% or 30,586 of cyber posting were management and administrative positions
  • And a new trend – hybrid jobs requiring both cyber and business skills that many employers are currently struggling to fill.

See it for yourself, visit CyberSeek[3] to understand the cyber workforce supply and demand.

If you are…

  • A cyber technical and management professional ready to move your career to the next level with cyber leadership training;
  • An IT professional interested in pivoting your career to cyber - and enjoying an average 9% salary increase – through cyber leadership training;
  • A non-technical professional already managing cyber and looking to expand your opportunities with improved cyber leadership skills.

Then America needs you!

Review the cyber leadership program overview (pdf) and if interested email cor.sjsu@gmail.com



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