Before the competition starts we will run preparatory sessions. 

These will provide you with an overview of the simulation and a grounding in the tools, techniques and a strategic mindset. You will gain some experience with the software, look at the simulation output and begin thinking about using it to inform your next quarter's decisions, guided (hopefully) by your strategy.

The remote phase of the competition lasts 12 weeks, beginning the first week in February. You will make a quarter's decisions once a week for the first eight quarters (years 3 and 4). After a week away from decision making in which you will write your business plan, you will make your four quarters of decision for year 5 in the two weeks, with another week to write your year 5 annual report before the intensive phase in Long Beach. We meet once a week; I will help you develop a process for analyzing the results of the previous quarters decisions and begin planning for the next quarter.